Daily Archives: June 6, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

If you told me that on my second official day of blogging at Fitness and Frozen Grapes that I would receive an award, I would’ve been laughing and rolling on the floor.  But friends, that is exactly what happened:  I have been nominated/awarded The Versatile Blogger Award.


I must admit, I had never even heard of The Versatile Blogger Award until I Trust My Journey nominated me this afternoon, and I am both shocked and honored.  As part of the award, I get to share seven things about myself.

1.  I have really big feet.  Like size 11 feet.  It’s probably for the best, though—if I had “normal-sized” feet, then I would buy way too many shoes.

2.  Growing up, I absolutely loved American Girl Dolls.  I had Samantha, but I dressed up as Felicity for Halloween during my senior year of high school.  My friends and I went all out.

3.  I’ve been to Paris twice—once as a high school senior, and I went back during my junior year of college while I was studying abroad in London.

4.  My celebrity doppelganger is Katherine Heigl.


5.  I have read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice too many times to count, and I am a complete Janeite.  And I just embrace it.

6.  I’m obsessed with Syracuse Basketball, bleed Orange (kidding, sort of!), and live for March Madness.

7.  I am a proud feminist, grammarian/rhetorician, and ally.

Whew!  I’m not sure if I’m supposed to nominate other blogs for this award, but for now, since I shared seven things, please tell me seven things about yourself.

Happy National Running Day!

Good morning and Happy National Running Day, friends!


I totally spaced on this healthy holiday until I read Tina’s blog post after my jog, but I celebrated like a runnerd nonetheless.  Who is celebrating National Running Day?


I woke up at 6 a.m., drowsed for an hour, got out of bed at 7 a.m., and kicked off the morning with an easy 2.75 mile jog.  My legs felt much better than they did yesterday, probably because I wasn’t sprinting for an extended period of time.  Even though it can be a bit chilly (around 50 degrees today), I love morning workouts; penciling in an a.m. sweat session gives you a reason to wake up and start your day off on the right (read: healthy, energized, you name it) foot.  Plus, for me, working out in the morning means I only need to take one shower.  It’s all about going green, folks.


I had half of a banana and a glass of water before heading out, so I wanted to incorporate the remaining portion into this morning’s meal.

It was cool outside during my run, so I decided on a warm breakfast of Kashi oatmeal, half a banana, and a sprinkle of chia seeds.  I also had a hot mug of coffee. (This is my second cup; I drank my first serving while I read blogs and got caught up on emails.)

I’m off to take Zelda the greyhound for a walk.  Toodles!