Daily Archives: June 13, 2012

So Far, So Good

Good afternoon, all!  How’s your day so far?  I’ve tackled two of the three things on today’s to-do list.  After breakfast, I wiggled into my dad’s wetsuit.

Easier said than done.

I took a quick swim in the lake, and friends, I was winded after five minutes.

I have a feeling tonight’s triathlon training session will be the most challenging athletic event I’ve ever done (“survived” might be a more accurate word)—yikes!

Good:  My dad’s wetsuit works.  Bad:  Swimming 400m tonight will be tough.

Next, I headed to Syracuse Bicycle to pick up my Lexa SL!

Ain’t she a beaut?  Jim and I spent some time adjusting the bike, going over shifting, and talking about riding and triathloning.  He said not to worry too much about the swim because most serious triathletes have a background in running or cycling; the swim is the toughest portion, and it’s rare to find a swimmer who picks up both biking and running.  He suggested I swim slowly and conserve energy, and then pass people on the bike and run.  I also bought a helmet, bike shorts, and other accessories like a waterbottle cage and a tire changing kit.


Once I arrived home, I used last night’s leftover tofu and made a huge spinach salad.

I also had some apple slices with PB.

This soon-to-be-triathlon-survivor (knock on wood) is off to take a nap.

Today’s The Day

Hiya, friends!  I hope you enjoyed meeting Zelda last night.  She’s been bugging me to introduce her to the blogosphere, and she finally got her wish.


Before I share some exciting news, here’s what I ate this morning.

Two scrambled eggs with baby spinach, Tabasco, and S&P, plus one slice of Ezekiel bread with PB.  I also had my standard two cups of coffee while reading blogs.

OK, so are you ready for this big news?  This morning, I am testing out my dad’s wetsuit in the lake, going to Syracuse Bicycle to pick up my Lexa SL (YAYA!), and attending my first-ever CNY Triathlon summer series at Jamesville Beach.  Yep, that’s right—I will be completing my first triathlon tonight!  I am so nervous, excited, pumped, scared, energized, you name it.

For the triathlon veterans out there, do you have any tips or advice for a newbie?  In terms of the swim (400m), I’m planning to wait until the final wave charges into the water and stay to the sides.  I’m hoping Ron’s indoor cycling classes will help me during the bike portion, and I’m the least nervous about the 5-K run.  However, I’ve never completed a triathlon brick workout. (While I was training for the Seneca7, I ran twice a day, and during the race itself I ran three legs that equated to 12 miles, so I can run on tired legs.) I know my legs will feel like jello, but I’ve never biked 10 miles and then ran 3.1.  Overall, I’m hoping my athleticism and current fitness level will kick in and help me do the best I can.