Daily Archives: June 15, 2012

Back in Business

Good news, everyone—the “stinky wagon,” aka the septic truck, came to the house around noon to fix our water problem, and we are officially back in business!  Let there be showering, laundering, and dish washing galore!


After my spin class, I was craving a cold and crisp salad.  Most times, I’ll add leftover protein from dinner the night before—like salmon, tilapia, or chicken—to the salad, but there wasn’t a white styrofoam Thai takeout container to be found.  Instead, I used extra-firm tofu and followed a new recipe.

I topped a bed of greens—which included carrots, celery, and red pepper—with some of Caitlin’s Perfect Baked Tofu.  Thanks to its short ingredients list—EVOO, honey, chili powder, black pepper, paprika, and sesame seeds—seasoning and baking this tofu was easy peasy.  There’s no doubt this will become a go-to staple.

I also had a glass of iced coffee.

Baking, Round Two

Following lunch, my sisters and I went to Canastota for round two of baking.  We helped my grandma assemble venetian cookies—we spread jam between layers of green, white, and red cake—and made another batch of pineapple cookies.  Not that my grandma needs a reason to bake, but she’s already preparing desserts for my cousin’s high school graduation party—in July!  When it comes to cooking and baking, my grandma takes no prisoners.  And when it comes to “taste testing” the pineapple cookies, neither do I!


Around 5 p.m., I had a small bowl of cantaloupe and a Chobani lemon yogurt, both of which I forgot to photograph.  Oops.


Another summer evening, another dinner on the grill.

Steak, roasted vegetable medley (broccoli, zucchini, and red peppers) plus roasted eggplant.  And a glass of red wine.

I’m off to take Zelda for a walk.  Enjoy your Friday night!

SOS: Please Send Running Water

It’s Friday!  TGIF!

So, there’s a small problem at ye olde homestead.  As I type this blog post, we are currently operating with a limited supply of running water due to water pump problems or something.  Hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon, seeing as how I’m rocking some serious post-workout b.o., but what’s a girl to do?


For most of yesterday afternoon, we were without water, so cooking dinner and running the dishwasher were out of the question.  Solution:  plastic plates and Thai takeout.

I went with the classic pad Thai and requested it “medium” on the heat scale (mild, medium, or hot).  I can’t remember the last time I had takeout, so it was a nice treat.

Frozen grapes for dessert?  Of course!


After completing my triathlon Wednesday night, Thursday became a much-needed rest day, so I was ready to get after it at spin class this morning.  Margaret and I went to Ron’s 8:30 a.m. indoor cycling class at the YMCA.

It was interesting to attend an indoor cycling class after riding a road bike.  Sure, spinning promises a sweaty challenge, but after tackling a hilly 10 miles, it seems much more manageable.  You can change the resistance to mimic road conditions—think climbing hills and fast straight-aways—but the main difference I noticed involves supporting and engaging your upper-body:  During an indoor cycling class, it’s easy to use the handlebars as a support system—trust me, been there, done that!  However, on a road bike, the role of your upper-body becomes twofold.  Poor posture results in stressed back and shoulder muscles, prompting you to support your body instead of allowing it to be supported, and you also have to steer the bike; riding on a road bike is a total-body workout.  In an effort to mimic this level of upper-body engagement, some indoor spin instructors—like Ron and Donna from HWS—incorporate arm exercises like push-ups to work your upper-body, too; I love this increased activity, but these exercises do not truly mirror road-bike riding conditions.  This isn’t a revolutionary insight by any means, but I now understand and truly feel the difference between indoor cycling and outdoor riding.  Do you prefer spinning classes or outdoor riding?

Now, since indoor spin classes seem “easier,” it’s time to add swimming to the mix.  Fellow blogger Verity at Cardigan Girl Verity is a veteran swimmer (who just completed her first triathlon!), and she game me some advice.  First, because the Cazenovia Triathlon swim portion measures 400m (I’m doing the sprint tri), she suggested I work up to swimming 600m in a pool, which makes a lot of sense—if I can comfortably tackle 600m in a pool, then a 400m open water swim (OWS) shouldn’t be a death sentence. (Fingers crossed!) Second, she added I should try to swim three or four days a week for about 45 minutes.  Right now, this seems very daunting, but here’s my plan:  I go to spin class on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings, so why not wake up earlier and swim beforehand?  Not only will this help me improve my swimming stamina, but this brick workout will also mirror a triathlon.  Now, I just need to find my swimsuit!  For those of you who triathlon or complete brick workouts, does this sound like a feasible goal?  I doubt I’ll be able to swim for 45 mins. right off the bat, but I can definitely work up to this time.


Call it a routine—I had the exact same morning meal as I did yesterday.

Two Kashi waffles with PB and banana slices.  I could eat this combo literally everyday.

The Nate Race

Remember how I ran the Nate Race this past Saturday?  I finally tracked down the pictures, and although I couldn’t find any action shots, I did stumble upon this post-race awards ceremony shot.

Third place in the women’s 20-25 division.  Freezing, drenched, and rocking the “wet-dog” look.  Ha!

Margaret and I are off to our grandparent’s house for baking round two.  What’s on your agenda for this fabulous Friday?