Daily Archives: June 17, 2012

Father’s Day Festivities

Hello, friends!  I hope you had a fun-filled Father’s Day!  It was a busy day here, and I’ll keep it short and sweet with lots of pictures.


Sunday means Cycle 60 at the YMCA, and unfortunately, Ron wasn’t there.  Brian led this morning’s class through a 12-minute cycle that we repeated four times:  five minutes of climbing, five minutes of rolling hills, and two minutes of tempo/sprints.  Taking a spin class—or any group fitness class—with a different instructor usually makes for a fresh workout, which challenges your body, and boy, I sure felt every climb, hill, and sprint we did today.  Ron is still my favorite, though.


Cycle 60 signals the return of the best breakfast ever.

Don’t let this innocent-looking PB jar fool you.

Chobani yogurt, Kashi oatmeal, almond mild, and chia seeds.

Father’s Day Presents

Around noon, my dad opened his pile of presents.  Three cheers for books, shirts, and a grilling basket!


I started off today’s midday meal with some carrot sticks and hummus.

While I snacked, I made a rice and beans quesadilla.

Messy, but satisfying.

I had a few pieces of super ripe cantaloupe for dessert.

Family Dinner

My extended family came over to celebrate Father’s Day, and we nibbled on some hors d’oeuvres before sitting down for dinner. (Picture taken on my soon-to-be-dead BlackBerry; sorry for the poor quality.)

Salad, grilled chicken, roasted veggies, and salt potatoes for dinner.

Margaret made another Magnolia Bakery masterpiece:  lemon layer cake with lemon buttercream frosting.

It was simply incredible.

See ya tomorrow!

Write It Down, Do It Up – Week of June 17

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!  There will be a post detailing all of my Father’s Day activities soon, but since it’s Sunday, it’s time to start looking ahead to this week’s workouts.  Writing down my daily sweat sessions on a calendar helps me stay focused and maintain motivation throughout the week.  As a type-A person who thrives off making to-do lists and using Post-It notes (don’t judge!), recording my workouts works well for me.

However, I didn’t use to write down my workouts.  In fact, it’s a fairly new habit that I began about six months ago, and I’m surprised I didn’t start sooner.  Sure, two weekdays were designated for spin class, Saturday was for speedwork, and Sunday was for long runs, but previously, I failed to nail down the knitty gritty details:  what would I do on the track when Saturday morning rolled around?  How far exactly would I run on Sunday?  I winged it a lot of the time, which worked for a bit, but I felt discombobulated and disorganized, too.  After I signed up for a couple “big” races—like the Seneca7 and the Boilermaker—I knew I needed to get my act together, write down workouts, and follow a plan.

Today, I know my fitness and strength levels are where they are because I’ve recorded workouts, identified goals, and stuck to my plan.  Since recording my workouts has benefited me, I want to extend this habit to you and the blog:  Every Sunday evening, I will post my week workout schedule, and I invited you to do the same.  This way, we can motivate each other and hold ourselves accountable.  Sounds like a win-win, right?

Welcome to the first installment of Write It Down, Do It Up (WIDDIU)!  Here’s what I have on tap for this week:

Monday – run (4-5mi.); free weights and abs; bike (?)

Tuesday – long run around the lake (10 miles); free weights and abs

Wednesday – a.m. run (?); CNY Triathlon training series

Thursday – Women on Wheels

Friday – swim; spin at the Y

Saturday – swim; spin at the Y

Sunday – swim; Cycle 60 at the Y

What does your workout schedule look like this week?  Which workout are you looking forward to the most?