Daily Archives: June 20, 2012

It’s Heating Up

Hiya, friends!  Anyone else feeling the effects of today’s hotter-than-hot heat index?

There’s nothing quite like a 100-degree-plus heat index to usher in the first day of summer.


In an attempt to escape the humidity, my mom, sisters, and I went to the mall.  Before starting to shop, we needed to fuel up.  Hitting up Koto, one of our favorite restaurants, was a no-brainer.

I started with a house salad, which came drenched in ginger dressing.

For my main meal, I ordered the Spicy Trio, which included spicy salmon rolls, spicy tuna rolls, and spicy yellowtail rolls.  If you can’t beat the heat, you might as well join it, right?  Promptly after, I slipped into a sushi coma.

It’s one of my all-time favorite food comas, right behind frozen grapes and dark chocolate.

The Elixir of Summer Life facilitated my revival.

Iced French vanilla coffee with skim milk and one Splenda.


If you’re in the market for a homemade black bean burger (BBB) recipe, then your search is over.

My momma’s California BBB, plus roasted mushrooms and green beans.

To ramp up the burger’s nutrient profile, I placed a handful of spinach between the bun and paddie.  I also added a little Tabasco sauce.

CNY Triathlon Club

Wednesday night means CNY Triathlon Club training sessions, but I decided to forgo tonight’s workout—it’s just too hot.  It’s important to be smart about outdoor training, especially during temperature extremes.  Plus, last week’s triathlon was no cakewalk, and the intense heat would only make the three-sport event dangerously difficult for me.  No worries; there’s always next week.  Have you ever opted out of a race or event because of extreme temperatures?

I’m off to organize my Pinterest boards!  Enjoy your night!

Getting Out of a Breakfast Rut

Good morning, friends!  Happy hump day!

From blogging thus far, I’ve learned my breakfast staples have a tendency to become mundane.  Honestly, I’ve had a hunch about this for a while—you’re talking to the girl who ate Quaker Oatmeal for breakfast literally every morning while she studied abroad—and taking pictures and writing meal recaps has confirmed this suspicion.  It’s time to spice things up around here!


Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Almond Greek Yogurt Pancakes.  I topped these flapjacks with cantaloupe and fat-free whipped cream.

The recipe needs to be tweaked a bit, and I will post the final version tomorrow morning.  When you get stuck in a meal rut, what do you do?  I read magazines and surf blogs to find meals that look promising, and then rework them based on my tastes.


Here’s a peak at what I ate last night.

Grilled pork medallions.

Roasted asparagus and potatoes.

With a heat index approaching 100 degrees, the safest place is an air-conditioned mall, right?  That’s where my mom, sisters, and I are off to today, anyway.  Stay cool, friends!