Daily Archives: June 27, 2012

Are You a Runner or a Jogger?

Good morning!  And Happy Hump Day!  How’s your morning shaping up so far?  While I sipped coffee, checked emails, and read blogs, I found this gem on Pinterest:

Going by these definitions, I’m definitely a runner.  I try to avoid routes that contain a ton of stoplights all together because it messed with my rhythm, but if I do encounter a standstill spot, I will take a breather; I figure I’ve earned it!  Not that there’s anything wrong with moving at spotlights, crosswalks, and intersections, but I need to conserve my energy.  I also like to think of myself as being “in the zone”—I hope I don’t look peeved!  Tell me:  Are you a “runner” or a “jogger”?  When I played field-hockey and ran track in high school, my teammates and I made sure to keep moving at all times when we were near the school—we were afraid our coaches would see us not running and make us run more!


Another favorite made an appearance today.

I scrambled two eggs and added some spinach and red peppers.  S&P and Tabasco topped the scramble, plus a piece of toasted Ezekiel bread.  This combo never lets me down.

Have a good morning!