Going All In

Hi, everyone!  Happy Hump Day!  Wednesday means it’s almost Friday, and for this aspiring triathlete, it also signifies CNY Triathlon Club training series.


With less than three weeks until the Cazenovia Triathlon, I’ve decided to go all in during training tonight—I will complete the 800m swim, the 10-mile bike ride, and 3.1-mile run.

Since I have three more training sessions until “T-Day”—well, most likely two because I’m running a half-marathon on Thursday the 9th—it’s time to evaluate my current training plan’s effectiveness.  Plus, putting the swim-bike-run progression all together will serve as a productive dress rehearsal for race-day. (I also need to practice my nutrition strategy a couple of times, and fueling for a sprint aquabike, or another two-sport combo, isn’t necessary.)

Overall, I’m keeping a positive outlook on tonight’s practice.  Sure, each event may not progress perfectly—does a “perfect race” even exist?—but whatever problems arise will serve as learning experiences.  Also, if one leg proves to be horribly difficult, I’ll still have some time to adjust my training plan accordingly.  (FYI, the Jamesville bike course spans a moderate 10 miles while the Caz bike route traverses a hilly 14 miles, so I’ll have to take into consideration when I evaluate my performance tonight and how I approach the bike portion on race-day.) Here’s my game-plan for tonight:

Nutrition:  A few hours before heading to Jamesville, I’ll eat a Greek yogurt and fruit or have a protein shake.  Fifteen minutes prior to the start—around 5:45 p.m.—I’ll slug an energy gel, which is what I plan to do on race-day.

Swim:  Swim confidently, sight effectively, and conserve energy for the bike and run.  However, “conserve energy” does not mean wuss out and rely on the breaststroke; when the uncomfortable feeling strikes, I need to stay calm, push past this threshold, and improve my stamina.  It’s training after all.

Transition 1 (T1):  Jog to transition and practice removing my cap, goggles, and wetsuit (if we can wear them) quickly.

Bike:  Settle into an efficient cadence and become more aggressive (compared to the swim).  I’ll also make a mental note of how I feel at the end and evaluate how this feeling would change if I biked an additional four miles.

Transition 2 (T2):  During these training series, most club members stow their bikes in their cars before they begin to run, I’ll do the same. (This will obviously effect my T2 time, but again, it’s OK because it’s training.) After returning my bike to the car, I’ll put on my sneakers, grab my visor, and start moving forward.

Run:  Once I get my legs under me, I’ll cruise into gear and lay down the hammer.  As my “in-the-bag” event, the run should be my strongest leg.


Don’t let this bowl fool you, friends.

What looks like overnight oats is actually 45-minute oats; I forgot to prep them last night, so I threw the mix together this morning, which included plain Greek yogurt, a mashed banana, a scoop of PB, cinnamon, chia seeds, and almond milk.  It tasted a little soupy, but that’s my fault for not planning ahead.


Although I’ve been enjoying salads for the past few days, I wanted to change up my midday meal this afternoon.

Open-faced turkey sandwich with carrot fries.  On one slice of Ezekiel bread, I layered red pepper hummus, spinach, turkey, and one slice of American cheese.  I put the sammie on a cookie sheet and baked it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.  Simply delicious!  The carrot fries burned a bit, but you can’t win ‘em all, right?

I’m off to get my hair cut, and then heading to triathlon training.  Have a great day!

6 responses to “Going All In

  1. Random thought – would a carb based snack be better before you head off to the Tri? In everything I’ve read people are usually eating a bagel or a bowl of porridge or cereal as well as a gel before and saving the protein til afterwards. You need the carbs for energy to get you round and then the protein to repair your muscles as far as I understand? Hope it goes well tonight!

    • I’m going to try to fuse my afternoon snack with my pre-workout fuel–there will be protein powder in the shake, but I’m also planning on adding plenty of fruit and veggies and maybe a piece of toast with PB if I’m still hungry. Before I run, I usually don’t carb-load, so I want to see if my body likes this approach before triathloning. We’ll see–it will be an interesting experience to say the least 🙂

  2. Hmm, will be interested to know how that works. I reckon tri is a bit different as you have 3 sets of muscles needing glycogen. Most of what I’ve read on tri forums and in magazines suggests very low fibre pre-race to minimise gastro discomfort; I know I would suffer with veggies and fruit beforehand but then my insides are super insensitive. Wonder if, as it’s a training series, you could try it both ways?! Carbs v protein?! Might be worth finding some advice on it anyway so you can make up your own mind as obviously I’m not hugely qualified!

  3. Last night’s shake (frozen banana, frozen strawberries, protein powder, and almond milk) seemed to work fine, and I’m really glad I took the energy gel 15 minutes before–I could definitely feel a difference. Before running races, I always eat oatmeal, so like you wrote, it might be worth trying it next week.

  4. I should try the energy gel option, but they just seem to gross me out. I suppose I should see it as fuel rather than food…

    • The texture can be a little strange initially, but you’ll get used to it. The first time I took an energy gel, I had a “just plain” flavor, which didn’t taste like anything (big surprise!), but it helped me become accustomed to the texture.

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