Take What The Defense Gives You

Loud, boisterous, and brutally honest, my high school basketball coach had a myriad of go-to expressions.

He’d yell, “finish strong, Red!” at least once every practice, and each syllable would reverberate off our crackerbox gym’s wooden bleachers and blue, gold, and white concrete walls. (For the non-basketball fanatics, “finish” means scoring the bucket or putting the ball in the basket.  And Red was my sports/basketball nickname.) He also refused to tolerate “street ball crap,” which took the form of one-handed passes or flashy plays.  Speaking of distributing the tock, if a player “passed from the holster” she would be benched immediately; chicken-winging a chest-pass was unacceptable. (This also indicated you were cheating in the weight room.) Another one of my favorite phrases?  “You’ve got to take what the defense gives you.”  Basically, if your defender is forcing you left because you’re right-handed, you need to take the left lane to the rim.  Although I haven’t picked up a basketball in two years, I did take what the defense gave me this afternoon.

A coupon for Wegmans sushi—yahtzee!


Wegmans sushi for the win!

I went with one of my favorites, the citrus tofu roll—absolutely delicious.  I rounded out the meal with some unpictured carrots sticks and a sliced banana with cinnamon and PB.

This banana-cinnamon-PB combo has been a go-to lately, both in solid food and smoothie forms.


When dinnertime rolled around, I continued to take what the defense gave me—leftovers.

We tried a new black bean enchilada recipe last night, and since it made 10 cheesy and vegetarian-friendly rollups, there were plenty of leftovers.

All on top of a bed of spinach.  A bowl of frozen grapes made an appearance, too.

Have a great night!

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