How to Make a Two-Ingredient Pancake

Good morning, everyone—I hope your Wednesday is off to a great start!  Since a few readers asked how I make a two-ingredient pancake, I figured I’d show you the method behind the madness.  First, though, let’s backtrack to yesterday.


Honestly, the Healthy Pad Thai tasted even better leftover.  Isn’t funny when that happens?

For good measure, I used a spinach base and heated up some leftover roasted veggies, too.  Oh, and added more red pepper flakes—bring on the spice!

I worked through the afternoon—lots of blogging, writing, and big-girl apartment preparing—and I totally forgot to take pictures of snacks.  My eats included two apples (the ones from apple picking are fairly small), a handful of almonds, and a banana and almond butter protein smoothie.


We tried another new recipe last night, courtesy of PinterestBlackened Grilled Tilapia.

Not the best picture, but holy yum—this dish was awesome!  You know I’m all about spicy, but my parents couldn’t handle the heat.  This will definitely become a go-to recipe when I’m cooking living in New York City.  We also had roasted squash and zucchini.  Oh, and of course.

All right, time for the moment you’ve been waiting for (humor me, please!):  how to make a two-ingredient pancake.  Tina at Carrots ‘N Cake developed this recipe, and my version usually contains extra ingredients like egg whites and protein powder. (I use these add-ins after a workout.) However, since today’s a rest day (and I’m not feeling guilty, Natalie!), I figured it’s the perfect time to show how to make the base.

Two-Ingredient Pancake


1 small-medium banana, mashed

1 large egg

cinnamon to taste


1.  Spray griddle with non-stick cooking spray and set to medium-low heat, around 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.  In a small bowl, combine mashed banana and egg. (I mash the banana in its peel, so I don’t dirty another cooking utensil.  Being lazy or going green—you decide!)

3.  Scramble mixture and add desired amount of cinnamon.

4.  Mix until cinnamon is combined, pour onto griddle, and let cook until golden brown, around 5-7 minutes. (This is huge—you need to let the cake cook through before flipping it.  While waiting, I usually play on my phone so I’m not tempted to flip it too early.)

5.  Flip flapjack and continue to cook, about 5-7 minutes.

6.  Remove from heat and add favorite toppings. (Almond butter and frozen blueberries are my go-to’s).

Pretty easy, right? (And yes, my pancake split into multiple pieces when I flipped it–oops.)

What are your favorite pancake toppings?

13 responses to “How to Make a Two-Ingredient Pancake

  1. That pancake looks great! I need a fast way to have pancakes during the week to mix it up. I’m glad you’re not feeling guilty!! Remember, not only is it good for your body and your training overall, but you deserve it!!

  2. That’s really clever! I’m tempted to try that as it’s gluten free too. You could I guess make a few smaller pancakes to make them easier to flip?

  3. I’m so getting into making fruit into other things! So genius!

  4. It’s so great to see the two-ingredient pancake explained! I think I may be ready to give it a try now, thanks for the step by step instructions!

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  6. ichoosetolivestronger

    Wow seriously?? It looks and sounds great ! Thanks for the explanation. I’m going to try this soon and would like to share this on my blog too…of course I will link you! 😉

  7. Looks easy enough! I will have to try it!

    I’m usually just a syrup kind of person, but peanut butter (or any nut butter) would work for me too!

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