Special Talents

Hey, hey—Happy Saturday!  I’m up and blogging at ‘em early because my mom and I are off to the mall.  Anthropologie, here I come!


Say hello to tempeh, my new favorite vegetarian protein.  Sorry, tofu; we had a great run, but this nutty and grainy option has become my go-to.

Thirty minutes marinating and 10 minutes grilling.  Can’t get much easier, right?  Paired with roasted broccoli, mushrooms, and red pepper—plus some of my uncle’s homegrown peppers—this meal was solid all around.  Including in the dessert department.


Armed with liquid egg whites, I prepared “oatless” oatmeal this morning.  Shopping requires some serious fuel.

To the usual base, I added banana slices and frozen blueberries.

According to this week’s workout plan, Saturday was going to be an easy run or a rest day, and I chose the latter.  Yesterday’s 7.25-mile outing was the longest and farthest I’ve run since my half-marathon in August.  And although I don’t mind running in the rain, my right knee thinks precipitation is less than ideal:  I had reconstructive meniscus and ACL surgery the summer before my junior year of high school, and even though my right leg is totally fine now (actually stronger than it was pre-surgery), it has the tendency to “predict” when it’s going to rain. (The change in barometric pressure causes it to swell and sometimes hurt.) Basically, I’m like Karen from Mean Girls.

Anyway, since I’m feeling the effects from yesterday’s “forecast,” and especially since it’s raining now, I’m going to list to my body and rest up.

During my high school AP Language class senior year, my weatherwoman tendencies proved to be quite funny, especially because my teacher (a fellow William Smith alumna) also had ACL surgery.  Class discussions seamlessly transitioned from a lecture on direct objects to a weather forecast.  Good times.

Do you have any “special talents”?

8 responses to “Special Talents

  1. Hmm…I think the only “special talent” I might have is my freakish memory. I can remember things down to the date that happened ten years ago. Maybe that’s why I’m good at history? Have fun today, you shopping fool! 🙂

  2. I have an uncanny ability to identify voice-over actors and actresses. It’s a curse, really….

  3. Haha that part in Mean Girls always makes me crack up!

    I don’t think I have any special talents like that though!

  4. Ok, confession- I don’t think I’ve ever had frozen grapes! Where have I been? 🙂 That pumpkin bread looks yummy. I’m totally in a pumpkin mood. Can’t wait for the recipe!

  5. Love the reference to Mean GIrls! Also, these images always help me to get through class 🙂

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