Back in the Groove

Hey, there—Happy Hump Day!  Did you watch the presidential debate last night?

During my run this morning, I spotted this advertisement.  It’s relevant and share-worthy, but there will be no more talk about politics.  Promise.

On a lighter note, I’ve officially sucked the funk out of my system, and I’m feeling like my normal self.  My highjinx with Gabby and Connie definitely helped, and now that I’ve been living in New York City for two weeks, I’ve settled into a groove, which thankfully includes yoga; I had a great class with Hilaria at Yoga Vida yesterday afternoon.

Home is where the mat is.


After a restorative practice, I made blackened tofu and green beans.

Once the protein blocks were coated with extra-virgin olive oil, I rubbed on the spice mixture and cooked the strips on the stovetop.

Workout – Running

For a scenery change, I ran on the High Line this morning.

Built on an historic freight rail line that’s elevated above the city’s streets on the west side, this public park spans 1.45 miles.  Another green space in Manhattan is never a bad thing.  I ran the path twice, and my workout flew by!  It was a perfect low-key run.

Note to self:  Swing by for the food!


Why, hello, first batch of NYC “oatless” oatmeal.

It turned out really well; I mashed an entire banana and lined the bottom of the bowl with frozen blueberries.  Yummy!

After breakfast, I headed to the Union Square Greenmarket to pick up some produce.

And I almost got these festive cookies–so cute!

Anyway, I’ve been trying to decide where to do the bulk of my grocery shopping, and the two players include Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.  However, this market took me by surprise.  Compared to the chains, its produce is fresher and cheaper, which isn’t surprising given the “food mile” concept.  Plus, absolutely everything comes from local sources, which also makes it totally seasonal.  Check out today’s haul.

One tomato, two zucchinis, two red peppers, and five apples for about $8—success!  Until the market closes in November, I plan to get my fruits and veggies from there and use Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods to supplement my finds.


Shortly before 1 p.m., I whipped up a protein smoothie that included one frozen banana, frozen kale, frozen blueberries, almond milk, and one scoop of Jay Robb egg white protein powder.

I’m still a little hungry, though, so it’s back to the kitchen; Chobani and/or almonds sound pretty tasty.

Where do you go grocery shopping?  Is there a farmers market near you?

15 responses to “Back in the Groove

  1. glad you are feeling at home there! sounds like a great day, i love finding local places that have cheaper finds

  2. I have to grocery shop at Wal-mart so I’m super jealous of all your choices! I love that sign 🙂

  3. COOOOKIEES!! We totally had the same thought on the debate last night; be informed but everyone’s entitled to their own views. (Side note – I really thought a throw down was occur.) The High Line looks gorgeous and great find on the farmer’s market! I’m totally inviting myself to NYC just so I can eat your meals – they always look so tasty!

  4. HAHAHAHA. I love that poster on the building. Some of the stuff that is going down on this election is really viscous. Like more then normal I feel like. Do you like that protein powder? I’m def looking at new types to try.

  5. I’m jealous too! I only have Kroger and Walmart nearby, the Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are a 45 minute drive. I am very intrigued by “oatless” oats.. looks delish!

  6. Yes, I watched “some” of the debate…eventually started getting anxiety and decided to watch Netflix. Mha ha I’m SO ready for this election to be over…My vote has been decided something like…four years ago. 😉
    Enough of that. Ha ha
    The produce looks wonderful! Since I live outside of the city, fresh produce is pretty easy to find during picking season. When the local farmers close up shop at home, they will sell at city parking lot markets for about another month. If I can’t catch their market day, Out of the big stores around here. meijer has the absolute best fresh produce. Many kroger people will stop over at meijer just for the stuff. i only go to kroger for pork loins when they are on sale.

    Always LOVE your pictures. I’m asking hubby for an ITouch for Christmas…need it for the gym to listen to my tunes and for taking pictures for my blog. Excited!

    • My iPhone has made taking pictures super easy; I rarely bring a “normal” camera with me. I also need to get a new shuffle–mine died this week. 🙁

  7. Running on the high line kinda makes running sound nice!! That’s a lot coming from me… 🙂 . Have you look at those different colored blue and green tiles in the covered bridge part? They are supposed to look the colors of the ocean — so awesome!

  8. I’m glad you are settling in and figuring out a routine! We do have a farmer’s market but we never go, we probably should. Wegmans is our primary source for our groceries.

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