Back to Two-a-Days and Job-Hunting Frustrations

Did today fly by or what?  I actually did a double-take when the clock read 4 p.m.  Where did the day go?  Oh, that’s right—I ran and swam this morning before I became wicked frustrated and discouraged during my job hunt.


Let’s rewind to last night first.  For Meatless Monday, I originally planned to bake tempeh, but during my Trader Joe’s run, some biddie cut me off and proceeded to take the remaining three packages.  Uh, rude.  Girlfriend already had two, so why not share?  I was peeved.  Anyway, I ended up making blackened tofu and green beans.

Luckily, she left one package of tofu for me.

Workout #1 – Running

My day began with a 40-minute run.  Before heading out, I looked at my workout schedule, and I couldn’t believe the last time I ran was this past Wednesday—yikes!  Even though I anticipated heavy legs, I was pleasantly surprised; I felt fresh, rested, and fast enough to sprinkle in some fartleks.  Afterward, I completed some upper-body exercises that will help to strengthen my “swimming muscles” like bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and pushups.


A craving for eggs hit hard, so I made an open-faced breakfast sandwich.

Sadly, I used up the last of my Greenmarket spinach.  Oh, well; I guess I’ll have to go again tomorrow.

While my breakfast digested, I caught up on emails and started poking around online for job postings.  I haven’t talked about my job hunt at all because there hasn’t been anything to report.  Even though I’m doing some freelance writing now (I wrote these three articles for, I still need a full-time “big-girl” job.  My friend Gabby wrote a really good blog entry about the current market, and basically what it comes down to is everyone wants an unpaid college intern, which I am not, or they want an employee with 3-5 years of experience, which I don’t exactly have right now.  Anyway, after searching for an hour, I became really restless, so I headed over to Chelsea Piers to swim.

Workout #2 – Swimming

When I went to bed last night, I mentally prepared for two workouts today.  Given my employment status, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to workout twice a day, or at the very least, swim on a regular basis.  Plus, since I did a bunch of drills with Andrew yesterday, I wanted to work through them a bit more.  From my basketball and strength training background, I know it’s all about muscle memory, which can only be accomplished through lots of proper repetitions.  Basically, hitting the pool 24 hours after working with a coach was a no-brainer.  Anyway, as I walked into the pool, I wondered if I’d see Andrew, and sure enough, he was there working with another triathlete—too funny! (I’m hoping I got a few brownie points!)  During my 40-minute swim, I revisited a lot of the drills Andrew showed me yesterday.  It might be mental at this point, but I’m already starting to feel faster and more efficient.

Post-Workout Snack/Lunch

After my swim, I was staving, so I whipped up a protein smoothie and chased it with plenty of water.

Today’s glass included one frozen banana, frozen kale, a few frozen blueberries, almond milk, and one scoop of Jay Robb egg white protein powder.  I was still a little hungry, so I also ate a no-bake peanut butter protein bar.

It hit the spot!

More job searching ensued this afternoon, and I’ll be honest, it was quite depressing.  There are a few career websites I consult multiple times each day, plus the webpages of big-time publishing companies like Rodale, Meredith, American Media, etc.  I’ve started to think creatively, and I sent my resume and a general cover letter to a bunch of New York City-based fitness brands.  However, for every unsolicited email I sent, there were easily five postings that asked for applicants with at least three years of experience.  One webpage even said, “If you graduated in 2011 or 2012, you will not be considered.”  Glahhh!  So yeah, I’m feeling a little down right now.

How did you land your first job out of college?  What did you do?  Did you like it?  How long did you stay there?

26 responses to “Back to Two-a-Days and Job-Hunting Frustrations

  1. I actually landed my first job as a student, I interned the first year and then I became part time. When I finished college a year and a half after that, I was hired full time. I stayed with the company a total of 7 years.

    I loved my coworkers, there were times when advancement was a problem and I started to get bored…I eventually got downsized.

    Two-a-days, awesome!! I usually run for one workout and do Power 90 wit the second when I do two-a-days…

  2. Keep at it! BTW, do consider doing a book, plenty of material for yummy food book at the very least!

  3. Oh how I feel your pain about job searching! I just got my degree and want to get into journalism and writing too. The options are bleak in this economy, and even if you find a job you think you’re qualified for, 100 people have already applied to it! Ah, but don’t let that get you down! Best of luck in your search!

    • You summed it up, Melissa. I was getting really frustrated yesterday, but I need to keep doing what I’m doing and know something will work out soon. Thanks for your words of encouragement. 🙂

  4. Urgh! I know how you feel about the job hunt. I do have a fulltime and part-time job so I can’t complain too much, but I am in my last semester of my MPH degree and have been trying to find a public health job for the past year. Just about any open job wants 3-5 years experience too. Just keep at it and you’ll find something soon!

  5. I know how frustrating that must be! It’s really not a great time to be looking for a job. Luckily, I work in a field that tends to be always hiring. Keep your chin up-something will happen!

  6. I’m sorry that your job search isn’t going well, but something will come up! It took my husband over a year to get a full-time job after graduation (he’s an electrical engineer), but he did eventually get something.

    I am not the typical person when it comes to getting a full-time job, I was actually working full-time before I even graduated with my Bachelors degree.

    • Thanks for sharing, Jamie; hearing about your husband makes me feel a little better. I can’t believe it took him more than one year … and he’s an electrical engineer, aka super smarty pants. 😉

  7. job searching is tough, don’t get down on yourself. looks like you are really working at it though. i was never a fan of two a days, I just don’t have it in me. good for you

    • Thanks, Alex. Your job at the running store gave me the idea to look at similar stores here and see if they need help with writing newsletters, doing social media, etc., but no dice.

      • What a great idea! I know a lot of them are looking for things like that. You could even find a place and do part time there so at least you are closer to the business. You meet a lot of reps which is where you could learn about positions that are more up your alley

  8. Of course Andrew spotted you there…points, yes!! I got to the gym late and I got the “did you sleep in?” Look from J…I wasn’t training with him today, he should be happy I drug my butt in there at all.
    Frozen kale…keep forgetting to look for that stuff! But i bought the fresh stuff today!
    First job was right out of high school, I didn’t want to go to college. Back in the 80’s it wasn’t near as critical to have a degree. I worked at a huge utility company…made lots of money with great benefits. i quit after five years…got myself vested and then became a stay at home mom for 15 years. i like my first real job!

  9. I was lucky enough to find a job when I was still a senior in college, and I started it a few months after graduating. It was not easy, trust me, the job market was no better in the spring of 2009 (just months after the 08 crash). I took a job that wasn’t 100% related to what I thought I wanted to do, but hey, it was a job and it was the only offer I had so I took it. 3 years later….I’m still there. I don’t LOVE it, but I like it. It’s a good 3-5 year place to be, then I’ll need to think more about what I really want to do with my life! Good luck with the job hunt, if you keep at it you’ll find something eventually!

    • Thanks for sharing, Meghan. The market has been so tough for us; I hope it starts to improve soon. I’ve expanded my search too, so maybe that will lead to something–fingers crossed!

  10. You’re so disciplined! Enjoy this slow time! 😉

    • I’m doing my best, Kat. As long as I don’t have a “normal” 9-5 job, I can focus on blogging and training, which is awesome, but I do need a steady paycheck. 🙂

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  12. Have you considered sending writing samples or even refer them to your blog. Treat this blog (or create another site) as if you were a digital newspaper and they might check it out and say “hmmm, she’s got potential!”

  13. Good luck with the job hunt! I know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be.

    I found my first out-of-college job by searching the HR websites of local universities.

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