NYC Biking Breakthrough and Blackened Tofu

Happy Friday, friends!  This week seemed to pass slowly—probably because time doesn’t exactly fly when you’re looking for a big-girl job—so I’m glad tomorrow’s Saturday.  Not that my weekends look significantly different from my week at this point, but it will be nice to take a break from writing cover letters and sending job-related emails.


When I woke up this morning, I needed almond butter.  Not wanting or craving, but absolutely needing it, so I toasted two Van’s Power Grains and topped them with plenty of the nutty stuff.

This combo served as a perfect pre-bike ride meal.

Workout – Biking

Not to jinx myself, but I think I hit a milestone in terms of New York City biking.

As I made my way to the West Side Highway bike path, I didn’t feel nervous.  Yes, I rode cautiously and remained extremely alert, but my heart wasn’t pounding and making its way to my throat as I pedaled in traffic.  It was the same on the way back, too; zero nerves.  Awesome!  Anyway, once I got to the path, I warmed up for 10 minutes before doing some intervals.  Nothing too fancy, just adding gear and going hard for three minutes, recovering for one, and repeating.  After 40 minutes, I cooled down and headed home.  Also, knock on wood, I think I reached a new high point:  Since joining the triathlon world, I pushed myself the most during this outing than any previous training ride (minus my time trial on Thursday).  Obviously that’s because I had a clear workout plan (doing intervals instead of straight up riding for TK minutes), and I’m also feeling more comfortable in the saddle and on the bike path.  That being said, I’m really looking forward to getting a trainer from Syracuse Bicycle; even though I completed the intervals, I faced an added challenging of dodging runners and pedestrians, and I think it will be easier logistically to do this type of ride on a trainer.

Post-Workout Snack

Even though I wasn’t hungry when I got back, I made a small yogurt bowl with frozen strawberries, plain Greek yogurt, and a dollop of almond butter.

Need to refuel those muscles!

Now, time to share a new recipe—Blackened Tofu.

It’s no secret I eat a ton of tofu, and although I like this vegetarian-friendly protein, the spicy seasoning makes me love it. (You know I love my spicy foods!)

If you’re not a tofu fan, you can use this mixture on chicken and tilapia.

Be warned, though—it packs some serious heat.


2 Tbsp. paprika

2 tsp. salt

2 tsp. lemon pepper

1.5 tsp. garlic powder

1.5 tsp. ground red pepper

1.5 tsp. dried, crushed basil

1 tsp. onion powder

1 tsp. dried thyme

Protein of choice


1.  Drain tofu. (Wrap several paper towels around tofu and place in between two plates.  Let stand for 15 minutes.)

2.  Coat pan or skillet with extra-virgin olive oil or non-stick cooking spray.

3.  Mix all seasonings in a bowl.  Cut tofu into strips and coat with seasonings.

4.  Cook until tofu is warm and blackened, about five minutes.

14 responses to “NYC Biking Breakthrough and Blackened Tofu

  1. I’m not usually a tofu fan, but this recipe looks interesting! I may have to try it!! Thanks for posting! 🙂

  2. Honestly, I have never had tofu except in maybe my Hot and Sour soup at a Chinese restaurant?? Is that possible? It slides right down. ha ha I wouldn’t begin to know where to buy this in my grocery store. OH and I need to look for frozen Kale, too.

  3. i love blackened seasonings. so good. I am a huge fan of it. I wish I could bike with you, I miss biking so much.

  4. OK. so i get that you are basically getting it into the pan to heat and crisp the spices. will five minutes heat the tofu through? maybe my oil is too hot…whenever i cook tofu, i screw it up more often than not. i order it when i am out but at home, i am a Tofu Terror.

    • HA! Five to seven minutes works for me; I flip the strips every minute or so to make sure they don’t burn. I also keep the heat on medium to prevent burning, too. You could probably bake the tofu with this spice blend, too, but I haven’t tried it with this recipe.

  5. I’m glad to know someone else has cray cray cravings out the ying yang. Sometimes I wake up and the food I want is not an option by any means. I’m not a tofu person but the blackened tofu sounds and looks really good!

  6. I just got into biking and fell in traffic in my clip less pedals. It was so embarrassing! But your tofu looks so good!

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  8. That tofu looks delicious! Thank you for sharing. Pinned 😀

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