Hurricane Sandy—Keep on Keepin’ On

Greetings from Starbucks!

(Can we please note the festive cup?  When I camped out here yesterday, Starbucks didn’t hand out these holiday ones.  Maybe Nov. 1 marks the start of winter festivities?  Too soon?)

Friends, thank you so much for your texts, tweets, and comments; I feel so loved and lucky you’re concerned about me and my fellow New York City Hurricane Sandy warriors.  So how are things?  Well, I’m keepin’ on—still no power, but luckily, there’s a vacant apartment in my building that has running water, so my grunginess has been resolved. (City officials say power should be restored Friday, so keep your fingers crossed!) I’ve also been enjoying some romantic candlelight dinners.

Taking food photos hasn’t been a high priority at this point, but I am working on a couple “upbeat” Hurricane Sandy-related posts.  Oh, and my workouts have also fallen to the wayside—Chelsea Piers is closed indefinitely, and I haven’t been running since Monday—so I’m not sure if I’ll do Saturday’s Dash to the Finish Line 5-K.  I hope to run this afternoon, and I plan to make a decision regarding the race Friday night/Saturday morning.  Actually, holding the NYC Marathon has been a hotly debated topic.  Hurricane Sandy successfully destroyed the city’s marathon fever, but according to race officials, Sunday’s 26.2 mile event will go on as planned.  Even though I don’t have power, I still want everyone (who can) to run the marathon.  After all, they’ve trained hard and logged the miles, so as long as the city and course pass safety precautions, I say take on the 26.2 trek!  That being said, though, I think race officials should offer runners the option of transferring their registration to next year (if that’s logistically possible, of course).

Updated to edit:  I just found out Saturday’s NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5-K has been cancelled.  Race officials want Sunday’s marathon to be their “sole focus,” which is totally understandable.

Given Hurricane Sandy’s damage, would you run a race on Saturday?  How about the marathon on Sunday?

19 responses to “Hurricane Sandy—Keep on Keepin’ On

  1. Glad you are still doing ok and grubbiness is being kept to a minimum. I feel like NYC has turned into a big camp experience! Lol. My fingers are crossed for the power.

  2. I love it when Starbucks starts handing out the holiday cups!! I think I might need to make a trip today just for that reason. I’m glad to hear you’re surviving without power and managed to track down some running water! That stinks that your race was cancelled, but understandable with the marathon coming up this weekend. Are you planning to watch? Must be so exciting.

  3. I’m so glad you’re doing ok. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the power goes back up tomorrow. Every time I hear something on the news about NYC, I can’t help thinking about you, and I’m sending out good vibes!

  4. If I’d trained and entered the lottery as many times as most people running this year have, I’d still run. I wouldn’t concern myself with PRs etc just to experience the race! You stay safe up there..cozy in SBs 😉

  5. I’m sad to hear the race was cancelled but in all honesty, I think that they should focus on fixing NYC versus preparing for the marathon. It’s def understandable about not wanting to do foodie posts. My heart is with you girl and hope everything works out over there!

  6. Glad to hear everything is ok and things are getting back on track.

  7. Glad you’re safe! We lost power for a day or so here in Maine but we were lucky that the storm didn’t hit us as hard as NYC. I went to Starbucks this morning and they were selling Advent calendars! It’s far too early for that! I just got a plain ole’ white Starbucks cup 🙁

  8. The marathon has offered participants the chance to defer to next year! A lot of my friends here in Fl have all decided to run it next year and were able to transfer it without a problem.

  9. Glad to hear you are getting along ok! Not sure how I feel about the Marathon, glad they are allowing to defer till next year, but in true New York spirit “The show must go on” If I got in and trained I would probably defer to next year and try to find a local event in the next week or two to run.

  10. i think it would be tough to hold more than one race in a city without power so sorry about your race! i hope you are staying warm and holding in there.

  11. I’ve read that they are trying to use hotels as temporary housing for displaced folks…if that’s true, then I hope the race isn’t happening, since out-of-towners would be travelling in and taking those accomodations. If it’s not true…then run on! 🙂

    • Hmm, I haven’t heard that–but I haven’t had access to the news so …–but I have a feeling there isn’t an empty hotel room in the entire city.

  12. Yay, so glad your doing ok!! I’m so sorry about your workout spots being ruined. Stupid hurricane… I think it’s great that the marathon will still go on. It will be different then what people trained for but it gives the city something to look forward to.

  13. I hope your power gets restored soon! I am so conflicted about the marathon, I really hope that some money from the race is donated to relief efforts. I don’t think it should be canceled but again it is hard to see it as the same race it was supposed to be, I’m glad they have given the option to defer. That’s probably what I would do!

    It is TOO early for holiday cups, haha just my opinion 🙂

  14. I’m so glad you’re doing well. I hope your power comes on soon! I’m a little on the fence about the marathon, but I think it’s great they’re going ahead with it. It shows NYC is resilient, but at the same time I worry about people in Queens and the Rockaways who lost everything.

  15. How ironic that the candle is “stress relief” lol

  16. I’d run the marathon, but not the 5k. Priorities!! The NYC marathon is a lifelong goal and dream for some. To take that away … it would be heartbreaking!! Marathoners are resilient people, they’ll be able to cope!
    Fingers crossed tat by the time you read this comment, the electricity will be back on!! 🙂

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