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Hiya, friends!  Happy Sunday!  Prior to Hurricane Sandy, I planned to run the NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5-K this weekend, but the race–as well as the ING NYC Marathonwas canceled.

Even with a chip, race bib, and starting line, I’m putting my legs to good use this morning.  Along with other NYC marathon and local runners, I’m running and delivering aid to Staten Island; check out the Facebook page New York Runners in Support of Staten Island for more information.  Since I’m off running, I figured it would be a good time to post a running-related survey.  Mary shared her answers a while back, so this is long overdue.

1. Fuel:  GU, shot blocks, energy chews, candy, or other?

Although the world of nutrition is relatively new to me, I’ve fallen in love with GU energy gels.  Before a triathlon, I take Espresso Love, and during long runs, I slam Vanilla bean.

[Before a CNY Triathlon Club training event at Jamesville.  I was still testing different flavors.  Mint Chocolate tasted too strong to me.]

2. Race length: 5-K, 10-K, half-marathon, marathon, ultra, or other?

Tough one.  I have the most experience with 5-Ks, but I feel like it’s almost too short.  The Boilermaker 15-K epitomized fun, and the 35th Tromptown Run proved to be a disastrous first half-marathon.  I bet the 10-15-K range is my sweet spot, but I’ve never completed an official 10-K race.  I guess this needs to change!

3. Workout bottoms:  skirt, capris, pants, running shorts, or other?

I talked about this in my 10 Running Questions survey—Nike tempo shorts are my go-to, unless I’m racing or running long; those runs call for Nike Pro Dri Fit.  Since I hate covering up my legs when I run, I’ll wait until it’s 40 degrees Fahrenheit or so to rock Under Armour bottoms.

4. Sports drink:  Gatorade, Powerade, Cytomax, or stick to water when you run?

I stick to water.  My hydration strategy would obviously change for longer events—think marathon or half-Ironman—but since I don’t cover these distances yet, I down good ol’ H2O.

5. Running temperatures:  heat or cold?

Give me the cold!  When it’s freezing, my body can eventually warm up, but if it’s scorching, it’s difficult to get my core temperature down.

6. Running shoe brands:  Saucony, Mizuno, Nike, Brooks, Asics, or other?

Even though I’ve been an Asics girl since day one, my new sneaks are Mizunos, and I love them!

7. Pre-race meal:  oatmeal, bagel, banana, eggs, cereal, or other?

Two cups of coffee, one bowl of Kashi oatmeal, and plenty of water.

8. Rest days:  one per week, two or more per week, never ever, or other?

Usually one or two per week.

9. Music:  have to have it or go without it?

Since I can’t listen to music during triathlons, I’ve become more comfortable “running naked.”  I can usually last 40-50 minutes without needed an earbud boost, but I do prefer having my shuffle for longer outings.

10. Number one reason for running:  stress-relief, endorphins, you love to race, so you can eat all the cupcakes you want, weight-loss, love running, for social reasons or other?

All of the above!  I feel much happier, more confident, and more balanced when I run on a regular basis.

It’s your turn:  share one, a few, or all of your answers!

9 responses to “Running Pop Quiz

  1. Thumbs up for activism, Carrie!! It’s so great to see that you’re making the most of the free time created by the lack of a race! I hope there are plenty of people out with you!
    I’m definitely a fan of cold weather running, my Nike Tempos, my Mizunos, and I run with music when alone, but without when I’m with my training team and racing.

  2. You are awesome and I love this. While some people complain you are busy making a change for those families in need (the reason they cancelled the marathon and 5k to begin with!). Awesome job friend!

  3. Sorry to hear the races in the city were cancelled for everyone but very understandable given the circumstances. I think its absolutely wonderful that you and others are helping others and still finding a way to turn it into some fitness.

    On running temp in the survey – you’re crazy, HOT and HUMID all the way.

  4. I see Mizunos I used to have! I had those zebra print ones, loved them. I beat them to the ground though, onto my next Mizuno pair.

  5. We’re so different! Which makes the world go round 🙂 I don’t like Gus, mizunos I haven’t tried, and I love skorts. 😉

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  7. It is awesome that you are helping out those in need and have a positive attitude about it. Thanks for the pop-quiz! I posted my answers here:

  8. I’m glad you are getting involved!

    I like the quiz! I definitely prefer energy gels, but Clif Shot is my preferred brand. I also love Saucony 😉 And my preferred distance, at this point, would be the half marathon. I think as I do more marathons that answer will change, though.

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