Crock Pot Success

Hiya, friends!  How’s your almost-Friday going?  This morning, I went to Yoga Vida for my first practice in … three weeks.  Returning to the mat and stretching things out felt great, but the highlight was walking outside—in the snow!

Yep, hello slush and Bean boots.  Winter has officially arrived.


Cold weather calls for warm meals, so I fired up the crock pot.

It was my first time using said crock pot, so I was a little nervous, but last night’s meal was delicious!

First, I rinsed one cup of lentils and tossed them into the pot along with two cups of water, one generous splash of red wine, 1 tsp. crushed garlic, two stalks of chopped celery, one chopped orange pepper, 1/2 tsp. cumin, and 1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper.  Then it was time to set it (on low) and forget it (for five hours).  When dinnertime arrived, I added some wilted spinach and steamed broccoli.

Crock pot cooking for the win!


Hoarding:  Accumulating Almond Butter Jars.

Yeah.  Thanks to today’s batch of overnight oats, I’m down to one jar.

I had the same mix as yesterday, and I might try making “oatless” oatmeal tomorrow morning and pouring it into the final jar.  It’s just too chilly for cold breakfasts.


Simply leftovers from last night, plus a little brown rice.

And tonight’s dinner is cooking away.

What can I say?  ‘Tis the season.

Have you seen your first snowfall?

PS – Instagram has web profiles now.  So cool!

29 responses to “Crock Pot Success

  1. We’re lucky to get snow at all! It probably won’t happen until after Christmas 🙂 So glad you’re getting use out of your crockpot. I love mine too!

  2. wow that looks good, way to go on the success!

  3. It has flurried here but no major snow yet, we’re not getting hit by this nor’easter thankfully!

    Your Bean boots make me miss Maine!

    • I LOVE Freeport! Such a great area. We went there for college bball, but our coaches won’t let us go to the flagship store–I was so peeved! Lol.

  4. We’ve had flurries a few times, but no sticking to the ground yet. It’s totally just a matter of time. I ran by the canal today, and it’s totally starting to freeze over (already!!).
    Yum and double yum to the crock pot meals!! Tis the season for sure!! I don’t have a crock pot, but I’m ALL about the baked apples these days. I think that my next batch of grapes are going to have to be grilled instead of frozen though — too cold for it!

    • Oooo, grilled apples sound yummy! And yeah, the past few times I’ve had frozen grapes I’ve had to bundle up in a blanket. It might be time to retire them until the spring.

  5. I love my crock pot! That lentil dish looks amazing! How do you make your overnight oats? I’m totally curious. I’m trying so hard to improve my eating habits.

  6. Yeah, girl! Set it and fuh-git it!!! I love my crockpot.

  7. Yummy crockpot success! I still haven’t broken mine out this year, I’m away too long during the weekdays to leave it on. But I finally have some free time this weekend, I think it’s time to get some use out of it!

  8. Yum! Crockpots are perfect for fall:) I love your almond butter collection!

  9. SNOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! Oh, how I miss seeing that fluffy white stuff. I won’t see a ‘first snowfall’ until I go somewhere cold – boo.

  10. MMMM girl. I am obsessed with crockpots! So good and so easy LOL. We have seen flurries but nothing that has really stuck. I’m okay with that.

  11. Snow! We don’t have that in Florida, I have to vacation elsewhere to check that out 😉

  12. I love overnight oats! It’s been a while since I made them though!! The snow was definitely horrendous! I finally ventured outside and attempted (and failed) to run through the slush.

    • The slush slowed down my walk big time! I forgot how tough it is to walk through … and how careful I should be–there could be ice underneath, yikes.

  13. I am SO not ready for the snow to come here in Iowa but do love breaking out the crockpot which is pretty much a year round occasion.

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  15. We haven’t seen any measurable snow fall just yet…but I am ready! BUT, as I mentioned in one of my posts this week…I am freezing ALL the time. I miss my fat at ONLY these times. ha ha LL Bean Boots! FAV! Crock Pot..of course I use that baby at least five days a week. I even have two of them … could use a third at times. Great idea for using your old jars! Lots of cooking this weekend because it’s opening day of deer season. Yeah, sort of a national holiday here in the sticks of Kentucky. Happy weekend!

    • I want Santa to get me a pair of higher Bean boots. (The ones I have now are ankle-height.) We’ll see. 😉 Too funny about the crock pots! At home, we have two or three, and my mom has set up two at once–great minds … 🙂

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