I’m In—2013 Aquaphor New York City Triathlon, Here I Come!

Breaking news:  I officially have a spot in the 2013 Aquaphor New York City Triathlon—woohoo!

I’m so pumped!  Receiving this email set into motion a slew of emotions—excitement, gratitude, anxiousness, and nervousness to name a few.  First, I’m excited to do this swim-bike-run event in my new “backyard.”  How cool is that?  (Plus, I can totally train on the course, which never hurts.) This confirmation message also designates my first official, written-on-the-calendar-in-pen-and-highlighted 2013 triathlon race.

Up until now, I’ve been swimming, biking, and running regularly—it is the off-season, not the “soft season,” after all—but I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t been “attacking” my workouts.  Sure, I’ve logged laps in the pool, time in the saddle, and miles on the pavement, but these sweat sessions have lacked that extra drive, umph, and motivation that comprised my in-season workouts.  Now that I have one scheduled race on my calendar, it makes the upcoming season more real.  Yes, July 14, 2013 is eight months away, but this date will change my mental approach.  How can it not?  In the oh-so-articulate words of my high school basketball coach, it’s time to stop “fartin’ around” and going through the motions.  Done and done.

Amidst this triathlon excitement, I tried to install my trainer tire so I can ride to my heart’s content without killing my road tire.  Oh boy.  After watching a few videos online, I felt somewhat prepared to tackle the task.  First, I removed my rear wheel from the bike frame.

And then things went downhill.  Fast.  I managed to successfully remove the road tire (after deflating the tube a bit), from the wheel, but I hit a wall trying to install the trainer tire.  When I added air to the tube, it popped.  It caught me so off-guard I actually jumped!  Yikes!  And during this process, I dropped my chain. (For non-cyclists, this means my chain came off my chain ring.) Sigh.  I became so overwhelmed, threw in the towel, and called in the experts; I went to Zen Bikes, and $9 and 15 minutes later, my bike is ready for the trainer.  Whew!


Totally forgot to post today’s meals.  Whoops.  After running and strength training this morning, I made an open-faced egg white and spinach sandwich.


Not pretty, but definitely tasty—steamed spinach with leftover lentils and brown rice, plus a boatload of carrot slices.


Three cheers for more leftovers!  My mom left me half of her sole from Saturday night’s dinner, so I zapped that along with some green beans and assembled a salad.

I also roasted some cauliflower, broccoli, and mushrooms.  Mmmm, veggies.

When you become stressed or overwhelmed, how do you react?

26 responses to “I’m In—2013 Aquaphor New York City Triathlon, Here I Come!

    You are going to do great 🙂

    Pinterest = stress relief

  2. Ahhh!! (Again. haha. I’m just SO EXCITED for you!!)
    Can’t wait to hear about your prep. Kudos to realizing that changing your tire should be left to the pros — not always easy to concede non-victory (notice the choice of not using the word “defeat” 😉 ). You’re fab, here’s to health and happiness on your road to racing!

    • Yeah, it was a definite “non-victory,” but I knew leaving it to the experts would be the smarter decision. I was *such* a hot mess when I brought in my bike (in, like, four different pieces, lol)–sweaty, curly hair out of control, grease all over the place. I’m hoping it was nothing they’ve never seen before! Lol.

  3. Yay! CONGRATS! So jealous! 🙂 Can’t wait to read about all your training!

  4. Nice work! That is awesome and I cannot wait to see how you do. Also that spinach sandwich nommmm.

  5. Yay!! Congrats!!! I can’t wait to hear all about your training- a Triathlon is on my bucket list so I’m excited to follow the journey of a first timer before I do one myself 😉

  6. Yay excited for you!!

  7. Congrats on getting into the NYC Triathlon! You’re awfully brave to be doing all that bike work on a light carpet. Glad it all worked out for you.

  8. so exciting for you! yayayaya

  9. Congrats! I’m super excited for you!

    When I’m stressed, I make one million lists. Somehow, breaking everything down makes me feel better.

  10. I’m just so excited for you! Yay! P.S. That egg looks stellar, by the way. I can’t cook eggs to save my life!

  11. Yay!! Signing up for a race really does make all the difference, that’s so exciting! I signed up for a Christmas-themed 5k just for fun, and suddenly the treadmill looks good to me again haha. Gotta gear up for the race!

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  13. Congrats, Carrie! That sounds like a blast. And wow do you eat awesome looking food 🙂

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