Thanksgiving Preparations and a Walk with Zelda

Happy almost-Thanksgiving, friends!  If your Turkey Day celebrations involve cooking, baking, or traveling, I hope you have a delicious and safe journey.

With “only 17” people coming tomorrow, we have plenty to do!

I need to start cleaning and organizing, so it’s a quick post today!


Yesterday involved a lot of food prep, so it was a takeout kind of night.  Hello, Chinese!

I ordered hot and spicy baby shrimp—mmm.  I would definitely get it again.  Prior to last night, I don’t even remember the last time I had Chinese, so I’m sure that added to its tastiness.

I had to Instagram my fortune cookie, too.

Workout – Running

I took a rest day Monday (two days before a race, I always take a day off), and I set out this morning for an easy, 20-minute shakeout run.  The cold weather made it quite difficult to warm up—thanks a lot, 35 degrees—so I’ll have to keep that in mind during tomorrow’s turkey trot.


After my run, I made a spinach and egg-white open-faced breakfast sandwich.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been having a hard time cooking food in a pan; between yesterday’s “pancake” and today’s “omelet,” it’s struggle city big time.

As I ate my breakfast, a certain greyhound refused to leave my side.

Someone wanted a w-a-l-k. (Zelda recognizes the word “walk,” so we have to spell it out or simply abbreviate it to “w.”) How could I say no to that face?  The cold weather called for a coat—for both of us.

For greyhounds, the general rule of thumb states whenever you wear a jacket, they need one, too.  Anyway, we drove into town and set off!

Zelda loves stalking squirrels, which is funny because as a former racer, she had to chase a fake rabbit around the track.  She wasn’t a great competitor—she “retired early”—but I’m sure if she had to chase squirrels she would be a champion.  But then she’d probably still be racing and not living here.

Did you have any pets growing up?  How about now?  Are you a cat or dog person?

22 responses to “Thanksgiving Preparations and a Walk with Zelda

  1. my friend has the same kind of dog and we always walk her with this coat on too. I am glad you are loving being home, can’t wait as well have a great holiday!

  2. My neighbors have a greyhound! I feel kind of bad for the dog because they aren’t good pet owners (each of their previous dogs got hit by cars). They leave him in the house all day and when they finally let him out he runs into our yard and pisses for about 5 minutes straight! He’s a beautiful dog and I love watching him run! I have an Aussie and she’s a recuse dog from a kill shelter down South. She’s a total nut job, but I love her! Definitely a dog person. I like cats but somehow they just know I’m a dog person and don’t really like me!

    • Greyhounds are pretty low-maintenance; they just need one or two walks each day, and they’re happy. 🙂 And yeah, I totally get bad vibes from cats–I think they can spot the dog-lovers!

  3. Cute dog and love the jacket! Yes to dogs growing up and a dog now. He does have a winter vest for when it’s really, really cold and snowy.

  4. AWEEEE so cute. I am not a dog person in the slightest. I love seeing friends and their dogs, but for me personally I don’t think I’ll ever get one. (I do like cats though!) Glad everything was fun!

    • Dogs are a big responsibility. I’d love to get one of my own, but I don’t think I’m ready for it yet. Come to think of it, one of my friends is a dog-person, yet she bought a cat when she moved to the city. Funny how that happens. 🙂

  5. I LOVE DOGGIES! Zelda is super cute!

  6. Aww I love greyhounds! One of my best friends growing up adopted one, they’re just the sweetest dogs! So adorable in her little jacket 🙂 Good luck and have fun on your turkey trot tomorrow!

  7. Your dog is pretty. I grew up with a German Shepherd. We have Gigi, which is an American Staffordshire Terrior (American Pit Bull) and we also have Bufford who is an English Staffordshire Terrior. They are amazing dogs and LOVE to stay active every single day. Both stay with me pretty good so I don’t have to leash them unless we go somewhere. Have a great feast!

  8. Aw, I love all of the doggy photos!!!! One more reason to be grateful 😀

  9. We grew up with a black lab named Ben, and now I have my Koda (a lab/shepherd/collie/border collie mix). I love dogs and think that I’ll probably always have one. I’m needy and require the constant love (but usually say that she’s the one needing it 😉 ). I love that you get some puppy-lovin’ when you’re home. Mommy hugs and puppy snuggles are my two absolute favourite things, and you’re totally in for both!
    I’m glad that you’re going to be so surrounded by so much family and holiday cheer excitement!! It makes me incredibly happy to know you’ll be happy. 😀 Enjoy every moment!!

    • Aw, Koda sounds lovely! I definitely want to get a dog of my own someday. 🙂 And yes, Zelda loves cuddling, and she’s actually quite needy–she’ll follow me around the house as I move from room to room. She’s such a goon sometimes, but I love her so much.

  10. We always called walks w’s because my dogs knew the word. Then they knew what a W was, so we had no idea what to do haha. I miss having a dog! We just have cats now.

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