Thanksgiving 2012 in Pictures

Good morning, everyone–I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!Ā  We had a ton of fun yesterday–lots of food, laughs, and quality time together. (I owe you a turkey trot recap, too!) Here’s a glimpse into our Thanksgiving.

So much yummy food!Ā  My plans for the rest of the day include shopping at Syracuse Bicycle and Fleet Feet–oh, and I got my swim in this morning!–before hanging out with my family for Thanksgiving part deux.Ā  Enjoy the day, friends!

19 responses to “Thanksgiving 2012 in Pictures

  1. Amazing amount of food. I love the stripey cake and what a lovely picture of you!

    • Thanks, Verity! Yes, my family went all out with the food; we had another get-together yesterday to polish off the leftovers, and we still have food left!

  2. That’s it….I’m coming to your parent’s house for Thanksgiving next year! Holy cow, what a spread. And you look so super cute, Carrie! Can’t wait for the Turkey Trot recap. Happy Friday!

  3. Wow! That food looks amazing! I didn’t have turkey yesterday so that bird is making me sad!

  4. Creme brulee! lol stupid sugar detox.

  5. Yum!! You did have death row too! And how pretty are you??

  6. Mmm your Thanksgiving layout is gorgeous! Loving the looks of those carrots- they are one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving dinner:)

  7. I think that holidays are the only time of year that I actually enjoy eating carrots .. haha. Go figure! (And as if through all those pictures, that’s my predominant thought for this comment. haha. Sorry!)
    Seriously though, Carrie — it looks fabulous. There’s nothing like comforting food combined with loving family to make for a simply awesome day!! Hope you enjoyed part two!! šŸ˜‰

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  10. Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a lot of great food! I’m glad you had a great Thanksgiving šŸ™‚

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