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Happy December, friends!  It’s officially the holiday season!  A few weeks ago, Meghan tagged me in this survey, and since the Christmas countdown has began, it’s time to share my answers.

1. What’s your favorite Christmas song?

I have a soft spot for Mannheim Steamroller. (Link below is for Carol of the Bells.) I also love Bing Crosby; to me, he’s the voice of Christmas.  Oh, and Michael Bublé.

2. Have you ever gone shopping on Black Friday?

I have indeed!  It was during my freshman or sophomore year of college, and one of my friends wanted a new laptop.  We had a sleepover, set our alarms for the ungodly hour of 3 a.m., and went to Walmart shortly thereafter.  She scored a great deal, but unless I need a TV or a big-ticket item, I will never brave those crowds again.

3. What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Any and all of the old school claymation films—Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Rudolph’s Shiny New Year, The Year Without a Santa Claus.  The Heat Miser and Snow Miser are my favorites.


I also love Elf and The Family Stone.

4. Who’s your favorite person to shop for on your list?

I have a lot of fun shopping for my sisters.  Most of the time, I’ll stumble upon items that seem “so them,” which means no true “shopping” is required.

5. Who’s your least favorite person to shop for?

Shopping for my dad is definitely the most challenging.  Speaking of–Dad, what do you want for Christmas?  Ha!

6. What’s your most memorable Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

One year, my sisters and I got a pink Barbie house.  It stood about three feet tall, and there were two floors, plus a rooftop deck.  We spent hours playing Barbies back in the day.


[I’m not talking about this particular house, but we also had this one.  Source.]

7. What’s your most memorable Christmas gift you’ve ever given?

Hmmm, nothing is coming to mind.  However, I do remember when one of my sisters gave the other rocks as a joke.  Grandma didn’t like that at all!

8. Where’s your favorite place to go Christmas shopping?

I usually hit up local/one-of-a-kind shops for Christmas presents, but if those fail, then Target, Barnes & Noble, etc.

9. What was one of your favorite Christmas memories?

For Christmas Eve dinner one year, my grandparents, uncle, and his girlfriend came over for dinner, and right as the crescent rolls came out of the oven, we lost power.  Timing couldn’t have been better—ha!  We now call that night our “18th century Christmas celebration” because we ate dinner by candlelight.

10. Who’s your favorite Christmas shopping buddy?

My mom.  She’s also my favorite regular shopping buddy.

11. Do you decorate for the holidays and put up a tree?  When do you normally do it?

When I was home for Thanksgiving, we bought our tree, but I don’t think it’s been put up yet.  Hopefully, I’ll be home in time to help hang ornaments.

12. And fine, just one food-related question, what’s your favorite Christmas dessert?

Anything chocolate, obviously.  Or anything from our annual bake-off.


Your turn:  favorite Christmas song and movie?  Favorite holiday memory?  What are you looking forward to the most about the holiday season?

23 responses to “Holiday Favorites Survey

  1. I’m also a huge Bing Crosby fan, but I have a soft spot for Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas.” I mainly love all the lights and how everyone seems to be just a little bit happier this time of year 🙂

  2. I had that barbie house… just saying. I wish we decorated cookies but we never do. one tradition is a yankee swap with family friends christmas eve with crazy gifts.

    • That Barbie house was awesome. I think we had three or four, and we would always play with that one. Yankee swaps are so much fun; we did one during Thanksgiving with our extended family.

  3. I used to HATE getting Barbie stuff for Christmas!! Tomboy through and through — I loved getting anything I could play with outside!!
    And I absolutely LOVE your 18th century celebration! I might just have to ask my Mom if we can make that happen just because this year — it sounds fabulous!!
    Have a great weekend, Carrie! 😀

    • It’s so funny when I think about it–we got *so* much Barbie stuff, and I always enjoyed playing with my sisters, but I was such a tomboy at school and with my friends. I vividly remember sitting in a desk cluster with all boys during first and second grade and absolutely loving it because they talked about playing sports, tag, keep-away, etc. all the time. And that Christmas celebration was surprisingly nice–very rustic and classy. 🙂

  4. Great answers! My favorite Christmas movie is “Silent Night”, the story is about WWII and a soldier’s story.. Secondly is “Elf”. Favorite song? Kings and Queens,by Audio Adrebaline. Favorite memory is the ice storm of 2005..i think it was that year? It stormed for 12 straight hour on the 21st of Dec., we lost electric for eleven days. We couldn’t go anywhere with 2 inches of solid ice on our roads. It was a special year as we melted chocolate for dipping pretzels on the kerosene heater…also made coffee and soup there. Those are great memories.

  5. Favorite Christmas song: “A Cradle In Bethlehem” by Nat “King” Cole (my parents used to play song this when I was little).

    Favorite Christmas movie: “A Christmas Story” (“You’ll shoot you eye out!”)

    Favorite Christmas memory: All of the ones from my our sons were little — watching your children on Christmas morning is a special kind of joy.

  6. True story. My dad is the hardest to shop for…though my mom claims she is easy and doesn’t tell me anything either. Love this survey-really get’s you in the Christmas mood!

  7. Thanks for doing the survey! Super cute answers, I love the heat and snow misers too, and the classic song! “He’s Mr. White Christmas, He’s Mr. Snow…” So good. Love those gingerbread men too! And that Barbie house looks like my childhood dream! haha

    • We had so many plastic crates stuffed to the brim with Barbie everything–dolls, clothes, accessories, pets, cars, you name it. My sisters and I had so much fun playing with them.

  8. I love Elf and anything with cinnamon or icing on it! I don’t like anything peppermint! Weird! 😉

  9. This was fun to read! I also love Elf, such a great movie! We always try to watch that movie.

    I just love spending time with my family, Mike and our animals.

  10. “Shopping for my dad is definitely the most challenging. ”

    Oh my gosh, right?! Dads are impossible!!!!!!

  11. Not sure about a favourite Christmas song or film. But my favourite Christmas memory are the ones I had as a kid with my huge extended family. My grandma, the ultimate gravy maker, would make this amazing Christmas dinner for us all and there’d be jugs of her amazing gravy all around the table and I’d just drown my dinner and get stuck in. My grandad made traditional Christmas pudding. It was just an amazing food-and-family-fest. It’s nice getting older and seeing the next generation of kids getting to an age where they’ll be having the Christmases that they’ll remember when they get older.

    • Mmmm, all that food sounds delicious. Spending quality time with family is the best. We had a ton of family gatherings during Thanksgiving, and we experienced a new dynamic because all the “kids” have grown up–the youngest cousin is now a junior in high school.

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