Hello, Chelsea Piers!

Oh, happy day!


After suffering and recovering from some severe Hurricane Sandy damage, Chelsea Piers officially reopened this weekend, and today marked my first trip to the facility post-storm.  Everything seemed normal—except having to climb two flights of stairs because the elevators aren’t working yet.  I walked up with a lady who told me she hadn’t done anything in one month, so she struggled a bit.  Consider it a workout warm-up, right?

Workout – Swimming

Here’s a one-word workout summary:  happy.  I was happy to swim at CP after a month-long hiatus, and I was also happy because I found a new-to-me drill to practice.


Thank you, Triathlete magazine!  Featured in the January edition, this tombstone drill isolates the lower body—pushing a kickboard through the water adds resistance, and it definitely further engaged my legs.  I swam for 40 minutes total and saw Danny—another Full Throttle Endurance coach whose swim practice I watched back in September—who was working with another triathlete.  He said hi, but I couldn’t tell if he remembered me.


After my swim, I made a spinach, cheese, and egg-white breakfast sandwich.


Do you feel super hungry after you swim, too?  Biking and running don’t rev my appetite as much as swimming.


I spent the morning working on an article and running errands, and I broke for a late lunch around 1:30 p.m.


While the veggies roasted in the oven, I caught up on important British happenings.  Did you hear about Chrissie Wellington’s retirement?  I follow her on Twitter, so I saw her blog post first thing this morning, but no news sources confirmed her announcement until later this afternoon.  Oh, and Kate Middleton is pregnant!  I wonder if Royal Baby fever will top the Royal Wedding obsession excitement.

Okie dokie, back to writing.

PS – There’s still time to join the #HolidayaDay Instagram challenge Gina and Kat are co-hosting with a bunch of other bloggers!


Hope you join us!

26 responses to “Hello, Chelsea Piers!

  1. mm I adore roasted veggies on a salad.

  2. That breakfast sandwich looks yummy!

  3. Yay for CP being open again! You must be so excited. I’m always completely ravenous after swimming too, it’s such a full body workout, it’s no wonder! That Instagram challenge looks like a lot of fun!

  4. I’ll have to try the swim drill. And yes, I’m always so hungry after swimming.
    Totally on alert for Kate’s pregnancy.

  5. So glad you’re joining us and that things at home are getting back to normal for ya!

  6. That was always my FAVOURITE drill in the pool. I used to rock the leg workouts, but arms days found me in the slooooooow lane. Pushing against the board taught me how to engage my legs. After the first few times I tried it, my speed increased because I would actually kick with purpose while racing, which I hadn’t been doing before, even if it was the strongest part of my stroke. Go figure!! 😉
    So glad you’re back enjoying CP!! 😀

  7. I’m glad you are able to get back into your normal routine!

    Mike and I should be getting Triathlete magazine soon, since we became USAT members 🙂 I’m excited to read triathlon-specific articles, even though I do love Runner’s World magazine!

    • Runner’s World will always have a place in my heart, but I’m really enjoying Triathlete magazine. I’ve already picked up some great tips and tricks, plus there’s *so* much more to learn about triathloning in general. #trigeek

  8. THat is a pretty awesome looking salad! And I am not a huge salad fan…

  9. I don’t even swim and I still feel like I get how hungry I would get after swimming. I have no idea why, haha. But yeah, I don’t get hungry after a run or bike ride until the next day. Then I can’t stop eating.

    • With biking, it usually takes a few hours for hunger to kick in. I just finished a 90-min. ride, which means I’ll be starving around midnight. 😉

  10. I must be the only weird one because I’m never super hungry after swimming. I know A LOT of people do though. I once read a theory (I forget where I saw this) that swimmers get super hungry after workouts because swimmer tend to have more body fat to keep warm in cold water.

  11. MMMM after swimming I could eat a horse. I always tell people I could eat and swim but with running I would have to be super careful because my digestion will feel off in the matter of a second. Swimming…anything…LOL

  12. Your food pictures always make me want to post pics of my food…but I’m not near as creative with my meals. It’s been years since I have done much swimming, but I still remember the appetite afterward.

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