A Trip to the Union Square Holiday Market

Happy Hump Day, everyone!  How’s your Wednesday going so far?  Thanks to yesterday’s flu shot, my arm kept me awake most of the night, so I didn’t sleep that well.  Staring at the clock that read 4 a.m., I considered getting out of bed, but I ultimately decided to lie there for another two hours.  Right now, the thought of pulling, pumping, or even just moving my arm sounds painful, so I’m grateful today is a scheduled rest day.

On a brighter note, for the #HolidayaDay Instagram Challenge, I posted a picture of my #cozy morning routine.  I never document pre-breakfast happenings, so here’s how I start each and every day.


This is why I’m a morning person:  Coffee with almond milk, sheep jammies, fleece socks, and warm slippers.  The pj’s and socks rotate, obviously, but the coffee and slippers are permanent fixtures.


Haven’t seen this meal in a while—hello, overnight oats!


To me, winter means the end of cold morning meals–which is why I’ve been eating a lot of breakfast sandwiches and “oatless” oatmeal–but it’s unseasonably warm in New York City:  Think 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  This relative heat wave makes overnight oats fair game.

After eating, I headed to the Union Square Holiday Market for some Christmas shopping.


Can I say holy Christmas?!



With more than 150 merchants, the space makes for an all-inclusive one-stop holiday shop.  I actually went there this past weekend, but everything—from the vibrant scarves, chocolate-covered pretzels, one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments—slammed my senses, so I totally forgot to take pictures.  I was also pretty overwhelmed, too.  Can you blame me?




Between these two trips, I’ve spent about three hours browsing, and thanks to my type-A/OCD tendencies Christmas list, I’ve completed a good chunk of my shopping.


Oh, and don’t tell Zelda, but I plan on getting her some doggie treats for her stocking.


The sushi package on the bottom is my favorite.  There was also people food for sale, so maybe I can get my fellow foodie Gabby to join me in a sampling session.


Like swimming, shopping makes me hungry (strange?), so I reheated last night’s Hawaiian pizza and added some carrot sticks on the side.


I also ate an apple for dessert and a few spoonfuls of almond butter.


Have you started you holiday shopping yet?  What’s the best gift you’ve given?

26 responses to “A Trip to the Union Square Holiday Market

  1. I’m done with Christmas shopping! Well, almost. I still have a few things to get, but it’s mostly stocking stuffer type things. I start in August thought so I should be about done 🙂

  2. It’s definitely NOT strange that shopping makes you hungry. It’s hard work! Anytime I go to the mall, it’s like I can’t get enough water. Shopping makes me so thirsty. 😛

    Love the morning routine, by the way! Your mornings look very chill. I feel like my mornings are kind of hectic, and I don’t like coffee, so there’s no warm-mug-in-your-hands moment. *sigh* Maybe I should drink hot chocolate every morning?

    • I actually brought my nalgene with me–heck, I bring it everywhere–and easily downed the whole thing while shopping. It’s tough work! That’s funny you mention drinking hot chocolate. Before my coffee days, I used to have some every morning. Starting the day off with something chocolate is never a bad thing. 😉

  3. That market looks like fun! I always enjoy shopping for unique gifts for others but something that is also really personalized.

  4. I would have walked around there for hours! I really need to get started on my Christmas shopping. Yikes!

  5. amen to coffee. I can’t wait for vacation and i can try that pizza recipe

  6. Do I need to come up there already to NYC again?! I’m seriously taking you up on the crumbs offer!

  7. Boo for your arm but hopefully all worth it in the end. Glad it worked out with your workout schedule too…I couldn’t even imagine swimming with that LOL!

  8. My shopping is done, now working on wrapping. I’m making some towels for the kitchen…snap together and rolled up like a roll of paper towels. They’re GREEN. My sewing machine locked up though, so there is no progress being made at the moment. The craft market looks like fun!

  9. I thought I was done, but I’m going to tweek a few things for my cousin and my Mom, I think. There’s still time. 😉
    Koda would love those treats too. 🙂 Zelda’s going to be one lucky gal. Do you wrap her gifts? We wrap Koda’s. It’s SO much fun watching her tear into it.

    • We actually have a stocking for Zelda that hangs with our people ones. 😉 We do wrap her presents, but we usually have to unwrap them a bit before she gets the hint.

  10. That has to be the best place to Christmas shop! Looks like so much fun. And I love those sheep pajamas hahaha, cozy pjs + hot coffee = happiness!

  11. I love unique gifts. I went to the one of a kind show this past week and knocked off a good chunk of my gifts. This looks like so much fun! And was that a pic of loose tea in the middle there?

  12. These pics are amazing. Quite jealous right now….

  13. I looove the Union Square holiday market and can’t believe I totally missed that it opened already!! Hoping to pick up some secret santa gifts there!

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