I Think I Swam Next to Vince Vaughn

Hey, friends!  Might as well address this post’s title ASAP:  Yeah, I think I swam next to Vince Vaughn at Chelsea Piers this afternoon. (I also did a quick 45-minute tempo run at 75 percent effort this morning as per my pre-season triathlon plan.) Obviously, it was tough to confirm if the guy in the neighboring lane was the real deal or just a doppelganger, but he looked like the actor.  He seemed tall, too, but again it was tough to tell because he was in the water.  Here’s the kicker, though:  The real Vince Vaughn is currently in New York City filming a movie.  Hmmm.  Oh, and there were ladies in the locker room talking about what it was like when Beyoncé visited the facility.  Coincidence?


I planned to make a spinach and egg white sandwich after my run, but my toaster mysteriously broke, so I made “oatless” oatmeal instead.


I lined the bottom of the bowl with frozen strawberries for some extra sweetness—mmm!


After my potential celebrity sighting, I whipped up a protein smoothie.


The NYC weather has been all over the place—it was 50 degrees during my run, and it’s close to 60 now—so a cool meal sounded appealing.  This drink contained one frozen banana, frozen blueberries, frozen kale, almond milk, and one scoop of Jay Robb egg white protein powder.

OK, back to writing and editing, but first, congratulations to Fleet Feet Syracuse (my people!) for its recognition as the top running store in America—woohoo!

Have you ever seen a celebrity? (Or a celebrity lookalike?)

28 responses to “I Think I Swam Next to Vince Vaughn

  1. I have seen a lot of celebrities in NYC, including Samuel L. Jackson!!, but my favorite was seeing Victor Garber while I was running 🙂

  2. Love Vince Vaughn! He is super tall so it’s definitely possible it was him. A friend of mine and her boyfriend sat next to him at a resort bar on vacation and said he was lovely!

  3. When you tell this story from now on, just say it definitely was Vince Vaughn!

  4. Should of asked him…easier said than done right?

  5. GAHHH i saw your tweet and was uber jealous. only problem would be that I would be drowning not swimming

  6. I don’t have a celebrity sighting, but I have a friend from university who is IDENTICAL to Robert Pattinson (seriously), so I always felt like I was with a celebrity when I was with him. So many head turns and double takes.
    Vince Vaugh seems very down to earth. Bet it totally was him.

  7. Oh my…can I have your autograph? 🙂 Please tell him hello the next time you see him. So fun and makes you swim better too .. ???

  8. Ooh you can swim with the wedding crasher above all wedding crashes!!

  9. Haha, it sure sounds like he was there! That’s crazy!

  10. That’s so cool!! I love Vince Vaughn! Definitely not a coincidence, I bet it was him. I probably would’ve tried to casually swim over to his lane to scope out the situation. And promptly made a fool of myself haha

  11. Amazing, I just read on Vince’s blog about how he thought he just swam next to Carrie from fitnessandfrozengrapes.com and was so excited but couldn’t tell for sure! He wanted to ask but is shy by nature 🙂

  12. Thats so exciting!!! Just another reason I love NYC!! I’ve seen a few celebs since being here, the best was when Michelle Phiefer and Zac Efron were filming the movie New Years Eve in our office! 🙂

  13. FF is the top running store? MMM. I have a lot to say about that but I’ll keep it to myself. I hope it was him-that would be awesome. I would have taken creep underwater photos of him..I’m not above that.

  14. That’s cool that you may have seen Vince Vaughn! Also, I’d definitely like to try oatless oats. Is there a reason why you eat those instead of just regular oatmeal?

    • Regular oatmeal doesn’t keep me full for very long; it’s a great pre-race breakfast for me, but I need a meal with more staying power in the morning. “Oatless” oatmeal is delicious!

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