A New-to-Me Sports Drink

Hi, friends—Happy Hump Day!  And Happy 12/12/12!  Did you make a wish when the numbers lined up?



I invited two friends to my building’s holiday party last night, and we enjoyed some wine before heading to GustOrganics for dinner.


It’s funny what you’ll find when you veer off your traditional route.  Because the restaurant is situated farther south than I usually walk, I had neither heard of nor walked by it before last night.  I really wanted a turkey burger, but they don’t serve burgers after 4 p.m. (weird, right?), so I ordered the hummus pita and quinoa tabbouleh instead.


It was delicious, especially the grilled zucchini and eggplant.

Workout #1 – Swimming

Not to jinx myself, but I think I hit a swimming turning point.  The 45 minutes of drill work flew by this morning (no Vince Vaughn sightings, by the way), and I feel more fluid in the water.  The body rotation exercises are becoming easier, but I still favor turning to my left, which is why I breathe exclusively to that side.  Swimmers, do you drill more on your weaker side? (During my basketball days, I used to shoot twice as many left-handed layups because I’m right-handed.) Now if only I could learn how to do a flip turn!


Good thing breakfast required zero prep work.


I inhaled these overnight oats in a jar; swimming gets me every time!


When lunchtime rolled around, I didn’t think twice—repeat of yesterday’s lunch was a no-brainer.


I also ate an unpictured banana and carrots.

I have a 60-minute interval ride scheduled this afternoon, and I’m trying a new-to-me sports drink—PowerBar Perform. (Thanks for the clarification, MB!)


During prior rides, I’ve been drinking Powerade, which has kept my energy levels up, but has led to some stomach cramps.  Nothing too bad, but I want to experiment with other kinds of nutrition.  Even though I don’t plan to do an Ironman anytime soon, this drink is dolled out at Ironman-sanctioned events.  Plus, if it’s good enough for three-time World Ironman Champion Craig Alexander, then it’s definitely worth a try.

Are you left- or right-handed?  Are certain tasks reserved for your dominant hand?  Do you use your non-dominant hand?

19 responses to “A New-to-Me Sports Drink

  1. That’s great that you’re hitting your stride with swimming! Flip turns are fun! Just go for it. I tried to teach my roommate this summer how to do them, she kept hitting her head on the bottom of the pool though haha, guess I’m not a great teacher.

  2. I have actually gotten used to swimming on both sides. When I do laps I choose a direction I want to face and that is the direction I always face and breath.

    • When I do my pulling and kicking drills, I make a conscious effort to switch sides to try to bridge the gap. Breathing to the right feels less awkward than before, but I still prefer my left–need to keep working on it!

      • I usually like to face the entry way so i can see if people come into the pool area or not. I found being able to switch the breathing side helps in things like the ocean where it helps to breath with the current to take on less salt water. Keep working on it and it will get there.

  3. Dinner looks delicious. I breathe every 3-5 strokes so I rotate sides.

  4. I breathe on both sides while swimming, but I think that being a swimmer helps!

    Good to know about the drink, I guess I should try it sometime since we’re going to do an Ironman in 2014!

  5. I love finding new restaurants!! It’s such a fun surprise, especially when they turn out to be amazing!

  6. Aw, crap. I was supposed to make a wish?? I need a 12/12/21 do-over. That restaurant sounds amazing and the grilled zucchini looks fantastic. I’m curious to hear how you like the PowerBar supplement.

  7. I’m a lefty! I love being a southpaw 🙂 I don’t think there’s anything I do with my right.

  8. I’m so glad that you’re feeling good about your swimming. It’s definitely the one sport I wish I had the opportunity to get into.

  9. Flip turns will DEFINITELY just click one day too. You’ll get them, keep practicing. Then you’ll never forget (trust me — they came back when I was cross-training in the pool after four years of not having done any and only two years of doing them). Sooooo much fun when you manage it.

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