The 11 Questions Survey

Hey, everyone!  I hope your Thursday is going well so far!  I’m running around and getting ready for my family’s arrival, so filling out a survey sounded perfect today.  Julie shared these questions a few weeks ago, so it was only a matter of time before I reposted it here.  Enjoy!

1.  In baseball, each player gets a “walk up song” that plays on his way up to the plate.  Which song would you pick?

Tough question right off the bat! (Pun unintended.) As you know, I’m obsessed with Maroon 5, so my walk-up song would probably be one of their tunes—right now, I have “One More Night” on repeat.

2. What’s the best thing that happened to you last weekend?

I entered foodie heaven thanks to a tasty breakfast and delicious cupcakes.

3. If you could have a starring role in any film already made, which movie would you pick?

I’m a sucker for rom-coms, so I’d love to star in 27 Dresses, Made of Honor, you name it.  Also, if an opportunity to appear in Downton Abbey presented itself, I wouldn’t say no.  However, my athletic self would love to be in The Hunger Games or Remember the Titans.  Not sure what my role would be in the football flick, but I’d get to drool over work alongside Ryan Gosling!

4. What actor/actress would play you in a movie of your life?

Definitely Katherine Heigl.  She’s my celebrity doppelganger.


5. What is your favorite fitness quotation?

I have a few.







I have a ton pinned to my Motivation Board on Pinterest.

6. What was your first concert?

My first real concert was Sara Bareilles and Maroon 5 after senior year of high school.

7. What Internet website do you visit the most?

Gmail and Twitter.

8. Which of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs describes you the best and why?

I’d be a hybrid of Doc and Happy, and I definitely have some Sleepy-like characteristics.

9. If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

What a sad question!  I’d want to eat all my favorite foods:  salmon, roasted vegetables, Wegmans sushi, my grandma’s meatballs, and plenty of chocolate ice-cream/frozen yogurt and cake.

10. What is the background of your computer?

No judging.


Did you know there’s such a thing as National Grammar Day?  March 4–write it on the calendar!

And since there were only 10 questions posed originally, here’s one I made up for number 11.

11.  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Definitely somewhere exotic like Thailand or South Africa.  I’m also dying to visit Ireland and Italy.

Your turn:  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

16 responses to “The 11 Questions Survey

  1. I enjoyed reading this.
    I’d travel to Santiago Compostela in Spain. I’ve been there a few times but it’s one of my favorite places!

  2. Adam Levine – drool 😉

  3. I would’ve never thought it before, but now I can totally see the Katherine Heigl thing! If I could travel anywhere right now, I’d probably be skiing in the Rockies. I have very simple dreams 🙂

  4. If I could travel anywhere right now, it would be Paris. I’ve still never been, I wanna learn to speak better French!

    • Paris is awesome! I went there during high school with my French class, and I also went for a weekend when I studied abroad. I definitely appreciated it more the second time around, probably because I was older. You’d love it!

  5. Great survey responses and I love the Marlen rule, how true… Good luck preparing and surviving the family visit.

  6. this is an awesome survey, some of your quotes are spot on.

  7. Ireland — but only if I can take my wife. I’ve been through most of Europe and the Middle East on business, but I’ve never been able to get to Ireland!

  8. Katherine Heigl really IS your celeb doppleganger!! How did I possibly not notice that before?! Wow.

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