Radio City Christmas Spectacular

It’s the final weekend recap!

Where did I leave off?  Oh, right—my mom and I went to the Open House at Random House on Friday.  That evening, my dad and my sister Ellen came to the city, and on Saturday morning, Margaret joined us to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.



Even though there were multiple shows per day—four on weekdays and six on weekends—our 2 p.m. viewing was sold out; there were easily 15,000 other people packed inside.


This was my first time going to Radio City Music Hall and seeing the Rockettes, so it was cool to play tourist for a few hours.



The show itself lasted nearly two hours and featured 14 scenes; there were a few “plot lines”—Santa, the Rockettes, and a young girl and her mother—which helped keep the production moving.



Photography wasn’t allowed during the performance, but here are a few pictures from the web:







The show itself was good—definitely not something to see every year, though—but one of the most memorable parts of the event occurred after we left Radio City Music Hall.  Remember those 15,000 other people who attended?  Yeah, getting everyone out—while ushering another crowd inside—was absolute chaos.  I couldn’t even get a picture because my family and I linked arms so we wouldn’t get separated; it took us easily 10 minutes to walk three blocks.  We thought about going to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, but we knew it would be just as bad crowd-wise, so we passed.

Have you ever seen the Rockettes?  Do you prefer musicals (with singing and dancing) or plays (like The Heiress)?

18 responses to “Radio City Christmas Spectacular

  1. I’m a huge fan of the Rockettes, and singing/dancing musicals. It must be my cheerleading history, it’s definitely one of my favorite things to watch! Although I can imagine the crowds must’ve been insane. That can be a little stressful!

  2. that looks like such an awesome time! Gotta love NYC 😉

  3. I’m a fan of musicals. And since I’m not in NYC, I have to make do with SMASH on TV 🙂

  4. The Rockettes are so amazing! Seriously athletic and gorgeous to boot. This looks like a really fun time 🙂

  5. Wow do I want to see the Rockettes. That is seriously like a dream of mine. They look fabulous and god am I jealous. I love musicals because I have absolutely no musical talent.

    • That’s why I love musicals–I can’t sing or dance to save my life! The Rockettes were super impressive. Their Michelle Obama-like arms surprised me at first, but then it seemed fitting they’d be super toned and fit.

  6. Love love love musicals! Been forever and a day since I’ve seen one. It’s great you were able to check out this classic experience. I am officially putting it on my list of things to do someday.

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  8. That looks like fun, although I do prefer musicals! I’ve never seen the Rockettes so I would probably want to go at least once.

  9. Going to NYC is on my bucket list….just to see some things we’re seen on TV for years. I like shows…musicals especially.

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