Snapshot Saturday – Home for the Holidays

Hello from Central New York!


It feels great to be home for the holidays!  Even though I saw my family last weekend, we haven’t been together at home since Thanksgiving, so I’m happy and thankful we’re all together again.  Including Zelda.


I missed her so much!  Today’s been a low-key, relaxing day.  I watched the Syracuse basketball this afternoon, which I do not want to talk about.


Yep, Jim Boeheim was seriously peeved. (And yes, my beloved Orange lost to the Temple Owls.) I then proceeded to drown my sorrows by baking some Christmas cookies.  First, Margaret and I made fudge-filled sandies.


We split one for “quality control purposes,” and they tasted yummy!


We also baked a batch of gingerbread men.


We’ll decorate them tomorrow, and we also have at least three more types of cookies to make, so we’ll be busy!  Oh, and between measuring flour, setting the timer, and moving cookies to cooling racks, I totally OD’d on my grandma’s homemade toffee.


You can’t stop at one piece; the stuff is seriously addicting, so we call it crack–ha!  Hopefully there will be more at our family dinner tomorrow.

Do you bake Christmas cookies?  What’s your favorite type of cookie to make—or eat?

21 responses to “Snapshot Saturday – Home for the Holidays

  1. so my attempt to bake gifts turned into an epic fail. I am so impressed by your creations.

    • My sister is more of a baker than I am, so she usually “supervises” my every move. Like with the sandies, she made me redo a ton of my cookies because they weren’t the “right” size, lol.

  2. The toffee chocolate things are my downfall…so amazing! We don’t have too many traditions….the in laws usually make so much sweet stuff that it’s a waste of money for me to bake, too. Enjoy your family time

  3. Definitely not a baker, but I always appreciate it when those around me are!!

  4. Zelda is so cute! Hope you have a great holiday!

  5. Mmmm. Homemade toffee. I’ve got some banana bread muffins with poppy seeds in the oven as I speak.

  6. Great pics and looks like a lovely day!
    We bake sugar cookies – roll ’em out, frost, decorate, etc.
    Zelda is adorable.

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  8. Boo Syracuse. That is all. Your photos seriously always amaze me. Do I say that often? I feel like it!

    • There is so much snow here; I can’t believe it! I mean, I used to be accustomed to it, but since there’s been literally zero snow in NYC, home feels like a tundra now, lol.

  9. Have a great time at home! Zelda looks very comfy 🙂

  10. Looks very similar to my weekend so far 🙂 Lots of baking and getting prepped for Christmas! Love this time of year, have a great time at home!!

  11. My family will open presents tomorrow while listening to Bing Crosby. Then we will have a big brunch afterwards too.
    Oh, and my mom makes that exact same toffee – it looks identical.

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