So Much Snow

Happy Thursday, friends!  I hope you had a great holiday and have started to recover accordingly.  My family and I spent the day hanging out, reading, and organizing Christmas leftovers.  The first order of business included putting cookies in Tupperware and burying them in the freezer.


Out of sight, out of mind, right?


I haven’t broken into these frozen stashes yet, but I did eat wayyy too many of my grandma’s Italian venetian cookies.  So many, in fact, that they’re all gone, which means no picture.  Whoops.  Anyway, we also laid low yesterday because of a winter storm warning for Central New York; we got easily 10 inches of snow last night, and it’s still coming down.  Plus, the lake finally froze over.


The bad weather even caused my local pool/fitness center to close, which I discovered after digging my car out of the snow and driving there.  Oh well.  Fingers crossed it’s open tomorrow.


My breakfast started off with an unpictured banana I ate before going to the pool, and after coming back home, I made “oatless” oatmeal an hour or so later.


I followed the recipe, except I substituted almond extract for vanilla.  I didn’t taste a difference, but that’s probably because of the huge glob of Justin’s chocolate almond butter.  Would you believe Santa put a jar in my stocking?  He knows me well! (And there’s no way it will last more than a few days!)

Workout – Running

After letting my breakfast digest, I headed outside to run.  This wasn’t the greatest idea—the temperature notched 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and the snow continued to fall—but I will do anything (and run in anything) to avoid the dreadmill.


One of my go-to routes takes about 45 minutes to complete, but it took me an hour to run it today.  Yeah, it took my body about 40 minutes to warm up (ha!), but the roads desperately needed to be plowed again—no sign of pavement.


Please note the snowbank on the left; it reached my hip!  I would’ve been better off running in snowshoes!


After showering, I heated up a bowl of homemade shrimp bisque.


Mmmm!  I was still hungry, so I put together a plate of Christmas leftovers for round two.


My uncle’s girlfriend made these delicious jalapeno-stuffed peppers with cream cheese, sausage, and cheese, and I also had a little wild rice.  I’m thinking an apple with some chocolate nut butter is in order!

How are you recovering from the holidays?  Have you taken down Christmas decorations yet?  What about your tree?  Would you ever run in the snow?

26 responses to “So Much Snow

  1. Oh man, a run in the snow and cold, you must really hate the treadmill! Haha…totally understandable though. I don’t mind running in the cold if I’m dressed for it, but those days when you just can’t seem to warm up are the worst!

  2. And now we have your storm in Maine! Last winter I ran most of my training runs outside in the dark and snow. It was quite fun and I will most likely do it again this year. Anything to avoid the treadmill like you said! When the roads get icy I put on my yaktracks or if they are really really bad then I have a set of hiking camprons that do the trick too! Enjoy the snow!

    • Now there’s an idea! Even though the run was tougher–and longer–than usual, I can totally see why runners would train for and run in winter half- and full-marathons. I toyed with that idea for a while today. 🙂

  3. I’ve honestly never seen that much snow in real life. Ever. I think I’ve only built one snow man, if you could call it that, and it was over 20 years ago when I was a wee toddler. I think I would “try” to run in it, but knowing me, I’d probably bust my butt a few times.

  4. I’m a little jealous of your snow! We saw some flurries on Christmas Eve on Long Island but that was it!

  5. So jealous of that snow! Correction: I’d just like to have it for one day here, please? I would be just like you though – I’d go outside in any temps rather than be on the dreadmill – it drives me batty!

  6. It’s about that cold here today (and trust me, it felt warm!!) and I would totally go running in this temp, but we’re getting that same snowfall and NOTHING has been ploughed yet. I’m thinking that a winter of indoor training is going to be necessary. 😉
    You’re a far stronger soul than I am.

  7. dude jalapeno stuffed peppers, what a winner. I am with you, I will run in rain, snow and sleet to avoid the dreadmill. At home I am and never was part of a gym so it is difficult to even think of using treadmill

  8. Wow! Props to you for running in the snow! I will probably use the dreadmill tonight :/

  9. coooooooooooookies!!! I would totally pay you big bucks to score the stuffed jalapeno recipe from your uncle’s girlfriend. Stay warm up there!!

  10. Those cookies look amazing!!!!! I was thinking of having a run outside yesterday- then I looked out the window and decided that sitting on the couch and watching a movie was a MUCH better idea! 😉

  11. That’s a brave run in the snow and cold. It is just way too icy here to run outside.
    I’m going to leave my tree up until after the feast of the Epiphany (Jan 6). And my peppermint Xmas candle is almost finished–those are my 2 decorations!!

  12. So many cookies! I’m glad all of the cookies were left at my parents’ house!

    We run in the snow, I hate the treadmill and I would rather trudge through a run than suffer on the treadmill. Great job getting out there!

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