Déjà Vu at the Pool

Happy Friday, everyone!  This week flew by, right?  Having a holiday in the middle of the week seems throws things off.


Last night, the family and I went to Circa, one of our favorite local restaurants.  Prior to last night, I hadn’t been there in a few months, so I was looking forward to going back.  Plus, since its menu changes every week or so, there are always fresh dishes that reflect seasonal foods and flavors.  For my meal, I ordered the spicy shrimp gumbo.


I really, really wanted to love it, but it was just OK; I hoped for a spicier, more flavorful dish.  I ate the shrimp and sausage and left most of the rice; I had plans for dessert—for Christmas Eve, my sister made a roasted pumpkin gingerbread cake, so I had a slice.


It hit the spot!


Back to an old favorite this morning.


An open-faced spinach and egg white sandwich with Sriracha.

Workout – Swimming

Good news—the local pool was open today!  I headed over around 11 a.m. for 45 minutes of drill work. (On a semi-related note, I’ve been loving sleeping in, eating breakfast, and having a relaxing morning before working out.)


Back when I was in elementary school, there used to be a “kids night out” event, which allowed students to hangout at this facility—it includes a pool, a few basketball courts, etc.—for a few hours on a Friday night, and I remember swimming in the pool and thinking it was absolutely huge. (After today’s workout, I can assure you it’s a standard lap pool!) In addition to this déjà-vu/blast-from-the-past moment, I also recognized the on-duty lifeguard who currently goes to my alma mater. (He’s actually the same age as my younger sisters.) We chatted for a few minutes—I had to tell him I graduated in May, ha!—and then I got to work.  I didn’t have high expectations for this swim because I hadn’t been in water for about one week, but it went surprisingly well; plus, it felt really good to swim since I’ve only been running while being home.

As I progressed through my drills, I noticed a few kids enter the pool, and they seemed to be goofing off—lots of laughing and very little swimming—which is totally fine.  Anyway, during my final set of 5x100s, one of their kickboards hit my arm, and instead of getting angry, I simply batted it away and thought to myself, It’s going to take more than a tap like that to rattle me.  Oh, open-water swimming …

I’m sure I’ve shared this before; it never gets old!


At home, I heated up half of a leftover chicken breast and wilted some spinach for round one.


This didn’t fill me up after swimming, so I also finished up the last of the jalapeño-stuffed peppers, plus some wild rice.


Mmmm!  I then proceeded to eat my weight in chocolate-covered raisins—ha!

What’s the most recent (or strangest!) déjà-vu/blast-from-the-past moment you’ve experienced?

15 responses to “Déjà Vu at the Pool

  1. Your post title caught my eye because I always try to think of catchy rhyming titles but they never quite work. I like yours! 🙂

  2. I kind of love those moments…when you return to somewhere you haven’t been since you were little, and realize how small it actually is! Makes me miss being a little kid though :-/ And open-water swimming kind of terrifies me. In a racing sense, I love swimming in lakes by myself or with one other person!

    • I really miss swimming in the lake! Since there aren’t lanes or black guidelines, it seems even more relaxing–almost like it isn’t as structured or regimented if that makes sense. And yes–always swim with a buddy or a spotter. Safety first! 😉

  3. That video is hilarious–and so true! I used to do the Chicago Triathlon as part of a relay team and I was the swimmer. I had to use my old basketball skills of boxing people out!

  4. Yummy looking post! I wish I was a better swimmer, I’m a Floridian for Pete’s sake!

  5. Im still laughing over the clif commercial.

    I have had déjà vu at the pool too. Mostly on the end of my workouts when I am tired or if I’m struggling and I remember that time when the lakeweed tried to drown me.

    I love your food!

    • That happens to me a lot, too. Usually, my first 200 is really tough–warming up, getting used to swimming, etc.–and that’s when I question what the heck I am doing, ha. But I know the first set is always the toughest (just like the first mile when running).

  6. I’ve been meaning to try swimming at my local pool while I’m home! I also used to go there as a kid and I’m so curious about how I’d view it now.

    • As I was walking in the building, I even thought to myself, “I can’t wait to swim in a huge pool!” (Like a 50m one as opposed to 20 or 25.) Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. 🙁

  7. Great job getting in the pool! Mike and I are going to get back in next week, we haven’t since Skinnyman oops! I’m not too concerned since we’re swimmers but it will nice to be back in the pool again.

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