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Hi, friends!  Happy Hump Day!  Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my past two posts.  This week year (now that it’s 2013!) has brought a lot of changes, and although I thrive off routine, I’ve enjoyed starting new adventures like training with Full Throttle Endurance and going to work.  I haven’t talked a lot about my internship yet—I need to check the company’s blogging/social media policy—but the first two days went pretty smoothly.  Even though I’m still getting used to sitting at a desk (with my freelancing writing, I take walk/errand breaks every few hours), I can tell my coworkers really love (and live) their jobs.  Next week, I’m going to an event, and I hope I can share it!  Speaking of changes, guess who now has aerobars on her bike?


This girl!

Workout #1 – FTE indoor cycling

Is it (tri)geeky to say I had a lot of fun at this morning’s 75-minute indoor spinning class?  We definitely put in work—think lots of single-leg pedaling, climbing intervals mixed with steady efforts, and two final sprints—and it was a blast!  Even though the workout began at 5:45 a.m., we filled the cycle studio (there were probably 30 triathletes in total), and everyone was upbeat and talkative, which made this positivity contagious.  It takes a special group of people to make an early morning class fun!

Workout #2 – Swimming

After stretching and foam rolling, I hit the pool with another triathlete from my training group. (She was actually the fastest runner I pegged on Monday morning, so I was looking forward to working out with her.) Thank God she swam with me—we’re supposed to complete the same workout the racing team does (the coach leaves it on a whiteboard), but I couldn’t understand anything!  OK, I knew what “P” (pull), “K” (kick), and “S” (swim) meant, but aside from those abbreviations, I had no idea about the other acronyms.  And even if I could decipher the code, I’m not exactly a seasoned swimmer, so I wouldn’t have known how to the drills anyway.  Thankfully, my teammate demonstrated each one, but I doubt I did them 100 percent correctly.  Have I mentioned how technical swimming is?


Another morning, another spinach and egg white breakfast sandwich.


I was still hungry after—I blame the swimming—so I ate a banana and a handful of almonds before running errands.


The last time I went grocery shopping, I found these brown rice tortillas. (I should write an entire post about thus—I’ve been tracking my workouts and meals in planner devoted solely to triathlon training; recently, I found that I feel better both during and after workouts when I stay away from gluten, and since these tortillas are gluten free, I decided to try them.) I had them for lunch on both Monday and Tuesday, and they tasted OK, but heating one up made a huge difference.


This pizza-like mess included spinach, turkey, and pepper jack cheese.  While waiting for the deconstructed wrap to warm up, I munched on some carrots and an apple.

OK, so who wants to get aero?


When I was home for the holidays, I grabbed coffee with MB, and one of the things we talked about was getting aerobars.  Not only would I feel more legit being in aero, but I would also ride faster and more efficiently.  And looking ahead, I’ll obviously ride in aero when I get a triathlon bike (maybe for Christmas next year, Santa?), and MB encouraged me to get become comfortable in that position sooner rather than later.  As soon as I got back to the city, I made an appointment at my local shop, and today, I had my fitting at Zen Bikes.


For about two hours, John, the owner, made adjustments (to my saddle, shoes, etc.), and one of the mechanics installed the Century Profile Design bars.  During this appointment, I also learned my measurements (75cm from my saddle to the center axel on the crankset and 41cm from my saddle to the handlebars!) and discovered my legs aren’t totally symmetrical. (I guess my left is more compact than my right?) Anyway, these tweaks will help me ride with more power and efficiency, and the aerobars will amplify these changes and put my body in a sleek, narrow position.  While John did the fitting, I spent about 10 minutes riding in aero, and I was surprised my back didn’t hurt.  Granted it was only 10 minutes, but I anticipated major back pain. (First day of field-hockey preseason, anyone?) I can’t wait for my next ride on Saturday!

Full disclosure:  I made an installation and fitting appointment at Zen Bikes last week.  I paid for the aerobars, but I received an unsolicited, complimentary fitting.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

What’s the most recent item of fitness, exercise, or active living clothing/gear you bought?  Did you plan it, or was it a spur-of-the-moment purchase?

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  1. Yay for the internship going well, and yay for aero bars and friendly triathletes!! Alright, this is silly of me, but I thought you had a tri bike. What are you riding now?

    Oh, and the most recent fitness item I got was Big Blue, my kettlebell. <3

    • No, I have a road bike now. It’s common for new triathletes to start with a road bike and upgrade to a tri bike down the road. Tri bikes are much faster and more aerodynamic–but at least twice as expensive. 🙁

  2. Those are so cool! I can’t wait until spring rolls around so I can really get into biking.

  3. Last purchase was a warmer running top for cold weather.
    I wear it for weekend wear, too.
    Glad the internship is going well. I’ve tried the Ezekial sprouted grain tortillas but haven’t seen the brown rice yet.

  4. Lolol I love your reference to field hockey back pain! YES. Ouch. I don’t have aero bars on my bike but would love to get some! During duathlons I always get so mad when people fly by me on their aero bars (and $2000 dollar wheel sets hahaha) my most recent big purchase was my Garmin which has been awesome helping me with my half marathon training!

  5. Your lunch looks delicious! And it’s hard to beat scrambled eggs:)

  6. Yay! Now your legit! 😉 Sooo glad you got a bike fit. So important, especially with a tri bike/aero bar set up. You’ll probably feel soreness in the upper trap/neck/shoulder area, but after a few weeks you’ll be fine. I look forward to reading about your training! FTE sounds like a totally awesome group and opportunity.

    • I’m so glad I was able to get both the aerobars installed and a new bike fit. When I first got my bike in June, I obviously had a fitting then, but like you said, having aerobars changes everything.

  7. Yay for getting aero bars! So glad the internship is going well!

  8. very cool! one of these days I will get the courage to try getting on the bike again! Broke my arm in sixth grade and haven’t really got on one since… only the spin bike 🙂 what a cool opportunity with FTE!

  9. So glad you’re liking your internship so far!! And wow, I honestly had no idea swimming was so technical. I can already tell I’ll enjoy reading more about this as you detail your FTE training!

    Hmm I recently bought compression shorts, although I haven’t worn them on a run yet. It was spur of the moment because they were on sale.

    • I’m sure you’ll love them–compression gear is always a good idea. I started wearing calf sleeves this summer, and I can’t imagine doing a long run without them.

  10. I love buying new running clothes, every time I enter any kind of fitness store I walk out spending wayyyy more money than I should have. 🙁

  11. I joined a tri club in September and bought my first road bike in November. I can’t wait til it gets warmer so I can take it for a ride. I have thought about adding aerobars later this year, so I can’t wait to hear what you think about them!

    • I wanted to become really comfortable on my bike before adding the aerobars, so that’s why I waited until I had one season under my belt. We’ll see how it goes!

  12. Love brown rice tortilla pizzas, they’re one of my go-to simple dinners! And the last purchase I made were my new asics, somewhat spur-of-the-moment but they were long overdue so it was necessary!

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  14. I’m really glad that you were able to get the bars-I know how exciting that must be! And yay for the internship going well too! 🙂 My latest fitness purchase was some running leggings actually.

  15. Love the new aero bars! We desperately need some, as well as new pedals so that we can clip in. We’ll probably take care of that soon.

    My most recent fitness purchase was some new “running gloves” from target. They’re just the simple gloves but they are bright yellow, perfect for night time running!

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