This Week So Far

Hi, everyone—Happy Hump Day!  How’s your week been so far?  I’ve had a couple busy days, so I’m sticking with a list format.

Guess who did some barefoot running!

That’s right—Monday’s Full Throttle Endurance workout focused on form, and one of the most interesting parts of practice included 4x200m that we ran barefoot. (Good thing I got a pedicure last week!) Another highpoint?  My teammates tried to convince me to register for Ironman 70.3 Timberman!  Although I briefly entertained the idea, I know making the jump from the sprint to the half-Ironman distance isn’t a logical move.  I want to go fast (for me) before I go far.  One day, though! (And my first HIM will have to be Syracuse!)

Overnight oats returned.

It’s been way too long since I last enjoyed a bowl for breakfast, so I prepped some for Tuesday morning.



In three days, I’ve eaten quinoa three times.

Remember that batch I made on Sunday?  I’ve been having leftovers for lunch—and topping the mixture with some avocado.


The recipe turned out pretty well, but I want to tweak it a bit.

Today’s indoor cycling workout kicked my butt.

OK, to preface this story, my alma mater hosted a young alum event last night, and although these gatherings are fun, most people enjoy an adult beverage or three beforehand.  With that said, I went to happy hour at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ last night with some friends ($2 margaritas, count me in!), and let’s just say that one and a half margaritas, one and a half glasses of wine at the event, and barely six hours of sleep did not equate to cycling success.  Holy cow, the workout nearly killed me—pedaling drills, plus a ton of intervals, which included a series of climbs at 80 percent effort.  I was totally gassed at the end, and luckily, I was in good company:  After surveying the spin studio during our cool down, Andrew told us not to complete a second workout and take tomorrow totally off. (Following team workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we usually complete another uncoached workout.)

Our prayers have been answered—introducing a “healthy” Girl Scout cookie.

As a former Girl Scout (troop 741!), I have no idea how I feel about this news.


Throw it back.  I’m the tall, awkward one standing on the right. (As if you couldn’t tell!)

Tell me about your week!  Would you eat a better-for-you Girl Scout cookie?  What’s your favorite happy-hour drink?

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  1. I love throw back pictures! 🙂 I’m not sure if I’d eat a “Better for You” girl scout cookie because I think everyone’s opinion of what is really better for you is different. In my mind, better for you = natural ingredients. But to some people, better for you = low fat. And still others, better for you = low sugar. Etc. So I’d have to check out the ingredients list. 🙂 As for happy hour, I really love margaritas (I add the s on the end, but in truth, I can really only drink half of one because my tolerance is so low). Have a great rest of the week!

    • Yeah, I have mixed feelings about the Girl Scout cookie. On one hand, cookies aren’t supposed to be healthy, so eat a serving, “live a little,” and don’t worry about it. 😉 On the other hand, I can see why people who go nuts for a “better-for-you” cookie. I probably wouldn’t eat it, though–it isn’t chocolate. 😉

  2. My week has been awesome! Holy runcations planned! and i love cookies…I don’t discriminate…and can I have a margarita right now?!

  3. YUM i use to love girl scout cookies i’ll def have to give them a try I don’t pass up cookies to often ;-)! and happy hours during the week is all wine for me, weekends im a beer girl!

  4. a healthy girl scout cookie? oh come on people, savor the good stuff! barefoot running… how was it? I want to hear more

    • Cookies aren’t supposed to be healthy! Also, I wouldn’t eat it because it isn’t chocolate. 😉 The barefoot running was quite interesting. We warmed up and did a ton of drills first, so we weren’t running sans shoes “cold,” but it still felt weird to be charging down a track without sneakers. We weren’t running at full force, though; I think it was about 50 percent or something. I don’t really know how or why, but once I put my shoes back on, running felt more natural.

  5. Oh how I love girl scout cookies! Somoas, anyone?!? Great throw back pic!

  6. Week is going pretty well! Especially after tonight’s good run 🙂 I love GS cookies, and I was GS from Daisies to Juniors too. Thin Mints and frozen tag alongs… mmmmm…. Fave happy hour drink – cherry vodka+tonic w/lime or vodka w/cherry flavored water w/lime (Same flavor!)

  7. What is this healthy girl scout cookie LOL. Girl if I broke out my GS photos it would be one of the more humorous things of your night LOL.

  8. Overnight oats are the best!:)

  9. Your week sounds awesome Carrie! I just made a batch of overnight oats for myself for tomorrow. They’re my favorite! 🙂
    My week has been great. I’ve been catching up with friends and making plans. Nothing beats a day with friends!

    My jaw dropped when I saw the news about the healthy girl scout cookie. Healthy cookie party anyone?

    • I can’t decide how I feel about the Girl Scout cookie. Part of me knows cookies aren’t supposed to be healthy, but I also bet lots of people will buy this mango one simple because it’s “better” than the others.

  10. What is the point of eating a healthy girl scout cookie?? That just seems wrong to me… Really, Really WRONG.. Speaking of I just ordered 4 boxes for myself!! Too much? 🙂

  11. Such a cute picture! And your right-I can definitely pick you out! A better for you Girl Scout cookie? Hmm….interesting. I won’t knock it til I try it!

  12. Working out after a few drinks is SO hard…sometimes it’s really difficult to find that balance. You want to go to the gym the next day and work hard, but your friends want to hang out the night before and you don’t want to say no…then one drink leads to two and three..blah! Wish I knew the answer to this one!

    • This is exactly why I don’t go out on weekday nights! Prior to this event, I think the last time I went out on a Tuesday was probably in college. Clearly, I can’t handle it anymore. 😉

  13. While I LOVE Girl Scout cookies and have devoured a fair share of them in my lifetime, I just can’t bring myself to buy them anymore. I was a Girl Scout for several years and I don’t mind supporting them but I usually will just give them money to buy a few boxes for themselves. I’ll be honest, we all know that Girl Scout cookies (no matter how ‘better-for-you’ they may become) aren’t the best for our health so if I am going to indulge my sweet tooth, I’d rather get more ‘bang for my buck’. Basically, I would much rather eat something more substantial for 150 calories than two little cookies that I’ll just devour in a couple of bites, make sense? 🙂

  14. Aw I love your throw back photo Carrie!! I’m impressed you made it to an AM workout after a night out. I consider it a success if I show up. 🙂 Your quinoa dish looks delish! I may have to copy that idea. I just evolved from chili to lentils. Lentils to quinoa in my future.

    • When my alarm went off Wednesday morning, I was so tempted to skip my workout, but I knew my teammates were counting on me–and I’d regret it if I didn’t go.

  15. Overnight oats are such a good breakfast. I normally go for warm oats in the winter and save the overnight fridge oats for warmer months. And who doesn’t love girl scout cookies, there the best!

  16. My niece knows I’ll buy the cookies but she gets to keep them!

  17. Hmm…. a healthy Girl Scout cookie? I’d definitely try it but could never give up my Somoas or Tagalongs!! As for happy hour drinks, it really just depends on my mood. Sometimes I really want beer and other times I really want a glass of wine 🙂

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  19. love your throw back pic! #TBT Those cookies kind of sound gross. Something about a “healthy” cookie that has “fruit” in it a little weird. Plus girl scout cookies only come once a year so I say we indulge. And by indulge, I mean eat a whole box of samoas/caramel delights and thin mints!! Yum!

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