Snapshot Saturday – The Best Day Ever

Hiya, friends—hope your Saturday is going great so far!  As you know, one of my best friends from college visited yesterday, and we had so much fun! (I used the Twitter hashtag #bestdayever quite frequently.) Here’s a quick look at how Melissa and I said TGIF.

While wandering around Grand Central and waiting for Melissa’s train, I walked into Pylones and immediately noticed these handbags.


Yes, those are chocolate bar purses; yes, they smelled like chocolate.  And yes, I considered buying one.

Once Melissa arrived, we grabbed lunch at Guilty Goose, and then officially kicked off #TheBestDayEver with a trip to Crumbs.  Obviously.


We struggled to select our desserts—not that you can pick a bad cupcake, know what I mean?—and we eventually bought three:  chocolate red velvet (in the back), starlight, and peanut butter cup.


Look at these stars!


Talk about intricately detailed.  We left the cupcakes at my apartment and headed to The Strand, aka the best bookstore in the city.  After flipping through a Downton Abbey book, we poked through the gizmo and gadget areas, and I almost bought this for my grandma.


Ha!  Next, we made a quick pit stop at The City Bakery to try the best hot chocolate in New York City.


Friends, if you visit NYC, you must stop here.  Hands down, this was the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had—rich, creamy, and not too sweet. (It tasted like semi-sweet chocolate, not milk.)


Melissa and I actually split a small (they poured the portion into two cups) and even opted for marshmallows.  Neither one of us love marshmallows, but this tower convinced us to go for it.


If there’s a marshmallow tower, then chances are the sweet fluff tastes incredible.  We decided to further fuel our chocolate highs, so we came back to my apartment, opened a bottle of red wine (more antioxidants!), ate one of the cupcakes, and watched a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress.  Talk about perfection!  A few hours later, we went to Room Service to meet up with Melissa’s roommate (small world, right?) for drinks.


Some sangria was consumed before we went to Brgr for turkey burgers.  No picture because I inhaled it!

What’s your favorite kind of cupcake?  What’s your favorite way to spend a girls’ night?

29 responses to “Snapshot Saturday – The Best Day Ever

  1. I am all about marshmallows, I am not a big hot chocolate girl but I could eat those pillows of sugar for days. whoa those purses are so awesome! I love designs like that

  2. That hot chocolate sounds ahhhmazing! I love the frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity!

  3. You know, I don’t normally like cupcakes much, but I love Crumbs! They’re great. And that hot chocolate looks amazing!!! I’ll have to try it 🙂

    • I’m not one to crave cupcakes (well, unless it’s specifically a chocolate one ;)), but I love Crumbs too! Definitely a special occasion treat. 🙂

  4. Glad that you are having such a fun time! As an upstater, I know you know the importance of hot chocolate. I have converted coffee time to hot cocoa time after 2pm LOL.

  5. You only CONSIDERED buying the chocolate purse? And didn’t actually do it? Disapprove .

  6. I can’t believe that there are chocolate purses! Now I want one! As for cupcakes, my favorite ones are cookie dough filled cupcakes 🙂

  7. I love those purses! It’s not nice to post Crumbs pics and not have one available for all readers 😉

  8. I gained three pounds just looking at those photos!

  9. Oh my gosh, those handbags are too funny! They really do look like a chocolate bar-cute 🙂 My favorite way to spend a girls night is probably just to stay in, have drinks, watch movies, play games. Completely chill, but so fun!

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  11. I think I’d definitely have to try the peanut butter. You are giving me all kinds of places I have to visit when I get to New York in November!

  12. whoa that looks soooo good! I am a huge marshmallow fan . I’ll eat them out the bag in mass quantity. I hope to visit NYC sometime in the next year or two and crumbs is so on the must go list.

  13. Sounds like a great girls day! It’s really making me want to visit my friends in the city. When I do I have to remember that hot chocolate place, looks incredible!

  14. Looks like so much fun!

    I love red velvet, or anything with peanut butter. Yum!

  15. Aw, I love this post!! Yay for bestie time!! I seriously want to jump through the computer and eat the starlight cupcake. I don’t care what flavor it is; it’s just too darn awesome. Good choice with the marshmallows, too. From the looks of it, you would have missed out without them.

    My favorite cupcake is a toss up between three – carrot cake, red velvet, or key lime. YUM!

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