My Arms Might Fall Off

It’s here—happy Friday, friends!



Am I right?

Just a quick heads up for #TriChat tweeps—Jen and I will host the next Twitter conversation on Feb. 3 at 2 p.m. EST to accommodate for that football game the Superbowl. (Hey, I’m a baseball and college basketball fan, what do you want?)


We’ll also welcome guest host USA Triathlon, and we’ll be chatting about everyone’s *favorite* part of the triathlon—the swim!  Speaking of …

Workout #1 – Swimming

Today’s Full Throttle Endurance swim marked our final tough workout of this training cycle—which meant Andrew was going to push us.  As soon as I hopped in the pool, I noticed my hamstrings felt tight (probably from yesterday’s class at Yoga Vida), but they thankfully loosened right up.  First, we cycled through tech drills and then began our main set:  6×50 alternating between easy and solid efforts, 6×50 alternating between kicking and swimming, and the final pull exercises—6×100 build.  Holy cow.  For the first three sets, I completed the build (slow, steady, moderate, and hard efforts) somewhat successfully, but my arms burned for the final tree—and now they fell like they might fall off!  What I found interesting about my fast-lane group (I know—what the what?!) was the girls killed the kicking drills while the boys kicked butt with the pulling.  This is probably because women usually store their strength in their lower bodies while men have more upper-body strength.  Anyway, after practice, Andrew suggested getting sports massages (or going to an acupuncturist) this weekend, so I’m open to recommendations, NYC peeps.

Workout #2 – Running

After a quick wardrobe change, I hit the ‘mill for a 40-minute progression run.  Although I’ll do almost anything to avoid the dreadmill, it was necessary this morning; I didn’t want to run outside with wet hair, and I didn’t trust myself to consistently increase my pace on the indoor track.  Surprisingly, it went well—even if I reeked of chlorine.


My coffee maker imploded this morning, so I stopped at Starbucks on my way back from practice and then refueled with my standard spinach and egg white breakfast sandwich.


With some mashed avocado for good measure.  I was still hungry about half an hour later, so I snacked on a piece of peanut butter banana bread.



Do you have a stronger upper or lower body?  Which do you prefer to strength train?

PS – I made my debut as a “fitness model!”

34 responses to “My Arms Might Fall Off

  1. You make a great fitness model! Pretty shirt, purple is my favorite.

  2. I definitely agree, my upper body is noticeably weaker than my lower body. It probably does have something to do with the way women are built as opposed to men. A sports massage is definitely well deserved!

  3. I’m walking around like a T rex today girrrrrl

  4. lower body is much stronger than my upper body. I start crossfit monday and I am hoping it brings some more balance to my core/upper body. My goal is to do an unassisted pullup! Even if it’s just ONE. You definitely deserve a sports massage – you’ve been kicking tail with your workouts 🙂

    • Pullups are so challenging! I vividly remember having to do them during high school gym class physical fitness tests and barely being able to crank one out.

  5. If you go to an acupuncturist, I want a full report! I’m seriously intrigued by it!

    • Yeah, that suggestion caught me off guard. Since I’ve never had a massage, I think I’ll start with that before sipping on the acupuncturist Kool Aid. 😉

  6. Love that e-card! My lower body is significantly stronger than my upper body. I would much rather run miles and miles then do any sort of strength training!

  7. Love it LOL. I have a stronger upper body as far as strength training goes but could run forever. I start strength training next week which is rather nerve racking since I’ve taken about a month off. Whatever that means.

  8. I have no upper body strength, like none. working on it but boy is it tough. i have no motivation around it

    • I have what you would call “fake” upper-body strength. At school, a lot of girls would ask what I do to get OK-looking arms (“What? You have to do something other than cardio?” Don’t even get me started), and I would have to concede it’s fake strength, lol–I can barely crank out 15 consecutive pushups.

  9. Great work outs! I definitely have a stronger lower body but I like working out my upper body because I get to see results and quick.

  10. Love your fitness model debut. I have more lower body strength (ballet for 13 years), but I’m putting more effort into upper body strength. My arms used to be like noodles. Now I can actually lift things!

  11. I’d like a job where I can wear yoga gear in the office!
    Great job on the workouts.

  12. My lower body is definitely my stronger half, but I’ve been working on my upper…that photo of you looks AWESOME! You are so fit and healthy!

  13. I definitely have a stronger lower body, I’m working on my upper body now though!

    Love the photo of you! (And I spy a Seneca7 bottle).

  14. Happy Friday, Carrie! I heard that women usually store their strength in their lower bodies too while men have more upper-body strength. I prefer to strength train both upper and lower body to keep everything in balance.

    • Recently, I’ve been better about strength training both my upper and lower body, but if I’m pressed for time, then I always work on my arms–it’s more fun. 🙂

  15. You look amazing!! Great shot!

    I actually feel like I have a stronger upper body, relative to other women. So I like to do strength training for my lower body to strengthen my legs more, but I like to strength train my upper body more because it feels so rewarding to pound out some push-ups!

    • My lower body is definitely stronger than my upper, but it’s weird because I’d much rather do upper-body strength training; I did 20 consecutive pushups today, which felt very rewarding! 🙂

  16. I think I’m stronger on top though I have pretty meaty legs. It seems like I pull through the water up top better than bottom. Maybe because I’m short? Not sure. Anyway, way to get after it!

  17. Oh my gosh, I would NOT have been smiling after 20 photos of side plank!!! 😉

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