‘Fun Time is Over’

Hey, hey!  Thank you so much for your birthday wishes via comments, texts, and tweets—they made my day!  My coworkers even gave me a card yesterday, which was such a sweet surprise.


Another surprise greeted me when I got home—PajamaGram pj’s from my parents!


Now that I’ve been 23 for a solid 24 hours, I’ve come to the conclusion that—to quote Red Forman from That 70s Show—fun time is over.

In the above clip, Red (who reminds me so much of my grandpa!) determines he’s been too lenient in raising his son Eric, declaring “fun time is over!”  And for the past week, I’ve been living in a let-the-easy-workouts-roll world, which screeched to a halt Monday morning with some Full Throttle Endurance tempo work.  After warming up and progressing through some technique drills, my pace group ran around the indoor track for 10 minutes, then hopped on treadmills for 10 minutes of hills—while maintaining our tempo pace. (We eventually built up to 90 seconds at 3.5 percent incline—whew!) Then we repeated this cycle for a total of 40 minutes, and I hit the pool afterward for a 30-minute swim.  This girl was down for the count!


On Tuesday morning, I shutdown “playtime” (another Red Forman-ism) and upped the weight on all my strength training exercises.

And this morning, our team indoor cycling practice contained mostly solid intervals (80-85 percent of maximum heart rate), plus a few all-out efforts.  My crazy dedicated teammates and I also did a quick run off the bike.  So basically, there will be no more FTE playtime until the end of the month!


After my double-workout, I refueled with a protein smoothie.


Kind of a gross color thanks to the spinach, but super delicious—one frozen banana, frozen strawberries, a ton of spinach, plus almond milk, chia seeds, and a scoop of Jay Robb egg white protein powder.

After breakfast, I met Jen at Starbucks!  She was in the neighborhood for a Finish Line Physical Therapy appointment, and since we tried (and failed) to meet up before Sunday’s race, we made it happen today.  She’s super bubbly and sweet, and you should definitely check out her blog if you don’t read it already.


After I ran errands and organized my apartment, I threw together some spinach and leftover spicy black bean quinoa for lunch.


Topped with avocado of course!

Oh, and before I forget, I have some exciting news to share—my big-girl internship will transition from part-time to full-time starting next week!  I just wanted to give you a heads up my blogging might be sporadic for the next week or two as establish a new schedule.

How often do you back off your workouts or take a recovery week?  Better yet, how many rest days do you take each week?

12 responses to “‘Fun Time is Over’

  1. My sister drags her birthday out for like a month, I bet you could do it haha

    • Hmmm, it’s worth a shot. One of my college friends is visiting this weekend, so some belated celebrations might be in order. 😉

  2. I take 1-2 rest days each week, depending on my schedule and what workouts I want to do. Like I said today at coffee, sometimes I’d rather do a few two-a-days and have more total rest days.

    And um DITTO, it was so great to meet in person! We have to get together again soon (in fact I may or may not be emailing you to set something up right now…)

    And congrats on going full time!!!!

  3. Haha gotta love Jammie’s…hello: ELASTIC! 😉

  4. Glad you had a good birthday! That’s so sweet that your co-workers got you a card too. I actually took off working out this morning in pursuit of reading and relaxing. I try and judge my body to see when I’m actually tired instead of just lazy.

    • When I want to take a day off, I have to ask myself if I’m being lazy or if I really need a rest day–most times, it’s laziness. 😉

  5. Resting is so tricky! It’s really hard for me to distinguish between being lazy and needing rest. When I was doing endurance training (before my half), I would take pre-scheduled rest days and really rest – no “light” yoga or anything.
    Also, LOVE that 70s show! I had such a crush on Eric!

    • One of my best guy friends from high school reminded me so much of Eric–love it when you “know” TV/movie characters in real life. 🙂

  6. We cut back every once in awhile. I try to keep one workout a little bit easier, either on of our 3 milers or swimming. Swimming is typically an easy workout for us no matter what, even if we are swimming hard, just because we have done it since birth practically.

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