Being a Horse in the Year of the Snake

Good morning, friends, and happy Tuesday!  I kicked off my day with a run and strength training session in my new Sauconys.


So far, so good!  I wore them for the warm up and technique drills at yesterday’s Full Throttle Endurance run workout and slipped into my Mizunos for the 40 minutes of tempo work.  (We completed the same workout as last week, alternating between tempo pace on the track and tempo pace on the ‘mill with hills.  It still kicked my butt, but not as much as it did last week.  It’s all about progress.) Anyway, I’m slowly breaking in the new sneakers, so I’ll keep you posted.  The feel a little heavier than the Mizuno Wave Elixirs, but they offer more support, which is a fair tradeoff.

On the walk home from practice, I received a lovely notification via my countdown app.


Six months and counting!

So, at work yesterday, I was doing work-y things when I found a story about the Chinese New Year.  Basically, we’re now in the year of the snake, so I obviously needed to see what my Chinese horoscope projected for 2013.  Umm, this reading is dead on. (As you’ll see below, I’m a horse.)


Guilty as charged.  As a type-A person, I thrive off organizing, planning, scheming, moving, socializing, you name it; I’m always moving full force ahead, and I totally have trouble sitting still, slowing down, and stopping to smell the flowers—or switching from a gallop to a walk, according to my horoscope.

Next, there’s this injury projection.


Does triathloning count as an extreme sport?  In all seriousness, though, a bike wipeout could totally happen.  I’ve been really lucky on that front—even though I anticipated it, I didn’t get up close and personal with the pavement when I got clipless shoes and pedals—so I almost feel like a crash is inevitable.  If I had to guess, I’d say it will probably occur during one of my first few rides outside when I go aero. (On a semi-related note–triathletes, do you have any recommendations for an aerobars-compatible saddle?  I definitely need to get one installed this weekend.)

Let’s talk travel.


Miami here I come!

Like the previous sections, this next paragraph is totally true.


Even though there were classes and classmates and professors I didn’t always enjoy, I really loved college and had a great experience; I definitely miss the academic/intellectual side of it—reading theory, doing analysis, and having critical discussions.  At least it says biking can help keep “depression at bay”—yikes.

And with Valentine’s Day coming up, this horoscope couldn’t overlook love.


Yeah, I’ll admit I’m critical and have high expectations—hello, type-A!—and patience isn’t exactly my virtue.  This stems from the fact that I hold myself to very high standards, so I expect the same from others.

Good news ahead, though!


Does this allude to my now full-time big-girl internship?  Or maybe I’ll find an official big-girl job!

Oh, and I have this clause somewhat under control.


In college, I took three economics classes:  I convinced my adviser to let the introductory course count as my math requirement (remember my powers of persuasion?), and I took two upper-level courses as a senior—Introduction to Investments and Portfolio Analysis.  I learned a ton about navigating the stock market, investing wisely, and building a balanced portfolio.

Please check the original link and let me know if your horoscope is as accurate as mine!

Do you check your horoscope often?  What does your Chinese horoscope say about you?  Have you ever been read by a psychic?

29 responses to “Being a Horse in the Year of the Snake

  1. When I was 18 I had my palm read by a psychic in New Orleans. TBH, I can’t remember a thing she said, but it was a pretty hokey prediction. I used to read my horoscope ALL the time, but have fallen out of doing it the past few years. I’ll have to take a peek at mine. I’m a rat.

  2. Ok, I’m going to check mine out. I’m very curious now!

  3. Lol I’m Chinese AND a monkey! So I just swing around hoping to not get hurt! 😉

  4. Screw the injury projection portion. Do your extreme sports as planned. 😉 2013 is the year of Carrie!

  5. You know I’ve never been a horoscope type because my birthday is on the boarder between Aries and Taurus. Whenever I looked at magazines, they would never be consistent as to which I was so I said whatever to it! Still think they are cool though 🙂

  6. Loved this! I’m Rabbit and think the analysis is spot-on.
    Make sure you have a RoadID in case that accident happens!

    • Glad you had an accurate reading too! Shoot, I still need to order a RoadID. Luckily, I won’t be riding outside for at least another month.

  7. This is so fascinating! I totally get sucked into horoscope readings from time to time, and also find that they can be surprisingly accurate. Manyyy of the qualities of a Libra and a Year of the Tiger describe me perfectly. Kinda freaky!

    • Very cool that yours is accurate too! Horoscopes in magazines tend to be way off, so I was so surprised when this one was spot on.

  8. I am the snake so aka it is my year. we will see about that…

  9. OO now i have to go check mine out. I think those are interesting sometimes! hate to say it but as I’ve been told, “there’s two types of cyclists, those who have fallen, and those who haven’t fallen YET.” LOL apparently it was true, but i hope it’s just a little “couldn’t clip out in time” fall and nothing major. I do have a huge road rash scar on my leg from a fall this summer..kinda got in a fight with speed bump..didn’t go well for me lol. but i’m sure youll be fine! hope you find a good saddle soon!

  10. As a fellow horse, I have to say that is scary dead-on, at least when I relate it to my professional life. Financial stability sounds like it would be great, and I’m super impatient waiting for it! Now I’m just worried about getting hit by a car or something this year!

  11. That is interesting. Horses unite! I used to be mad I wasn’t a dragon. Anyways that is really accurate for me right now. I’m currently awaiting some personal important things to happen and my goodness am I antsy. Hopefully they happen soon.

  12. Horoscopes are so fun!

    “There should be more money for luxuries, and many Rabbits will launch home improvement projects.”
    woop woop! 😀

  13. Your blog isn’t coming up in my reader anymore so I’m behind! Eek! Get a Cobb saddle! They are a little more expensive but so worth it! Fizik saddles are also super nice, I have one on my road bike, but the one that came with my tri was a no go so I switched that out ASAP.

    • Oh, no! I switched hosting services a few weeks ago, so that’s probably why. My WordPress reader has also been acting up. My cousin recommended Cobb, too, so I will definitely try that brand before making an official purchase. Thanks for the suggestion!

  14. I’m glad you are loving the Sauconys!

    I don’t check my horoscope (Chinese or otherwise). I don’t even know what I am for the Chinese horoscope, but my Zodiac sign is pisces.

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