Happy Valentine’s Day!

Good morning!  I’m off to work shortly, but I wanted to pop in quickly and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day—from Zelda.


She wasn’t exactly feeling the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Tuesday night.  But she got her act together and sent me a cute care package, which is so kind of her because this is usually how I feel about today.


Also, I joke that races are the only things I want to commit to right now—ha! (Speaking of, I solidified my travel plans for Miami last night—South Beach, I’m coming for you!) Anyway, Zelda spoiled me.  Have you ever seen a greyhound card?


Neither have I.

How about chocolate?  Dark chocolate to be specific.  Or a greyhound beanie?  This is too cute!


And just so this post isn’t all about V-Day, I had the best brick workout to-date yesterday.  After a 75-minute indoor spinning class with my Full Throttle Endurance teammates, we quickly swapped our cycling shoes for sneakers and headed to the indoor track to run off the bike.  Andrew said going forward, we’ll always run after these Wednesday cycling classes, but we shouldn’t push the pace today; the goal was to slowly get acclimated (acclimated being relative, of course) to the jello-to-lead leg feeling.

For the first two miles, I ran with one of my pace group teammates, and we clocked 8:0X miles.  I don’t know whether I should credit wearing my new Sauconys, following the “shorter, shorter, quicker, quicker” approach, or just becoming more triathlon fit in general, but this pace felt manageable.  Very manageable.

As we finished mile two, we caught up to two guys from a faster pace group.  Technically, they should’ve been out in front, so we dropped our pace to 8:20-8:40 and finished the final two miles with them.  Sure, I experienced some rough patches mentally—do you really think you can hold this pace for four miles?—and I have to credit my teammates with pulling me through.  For the final two laps, the guys sped up (probably to 7:30-7:40), and I told my female teammate, “Let them go.”  That didn’t go over well; she responded, “No way!  We’re going with them!”  So we matched their pace for three laps (they started before us, so we had another 400m to go when they were done) and finished strong.  The final lap was tough, but I willed my body to respond, and plus, I didn’t want to let my teammate down.  Honestly, I questioned whether I had enough gas in the tank for this pace, but I did.  Granted it hurt, but in a good way—the kind of pain that means you’re working.  Overall, I was so amped with how this brick turned out; I would literally smile to myself at random points yesterday just thinking about it.

Arguably more exciting than yesterday’s brick, I think my teammates view me differently now.  Not that they didn’t like or take me seriously before, but I’ve known everyone for about a month now, and they’re getting to know me better too.  Not to mention completing these tough, early morning workouts bonds people.  Plus, in the case of my running pace group teammates especially, they feel comfortable enough pushing me—or, in the words of Andrew, refusing to let me “punk out” when the workouts get tough.

Do you like working out solo or with a team/teammates/friends?  When your workouts get tough, how do you push yourself to finish?

27 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. SO CUTE! love the Zelda cuddly toy

  2. Well, that was very sweet of Zelda! What a nice Valentine to have 🙂

  3. I am glad you feel more connected to them, that is awesome you guys are bonding. I mean the early mornings can do that to you

  4. Aw how sweet is Zelda!? Happy hearts day girlie!

  5. Nice job on the workout!
    Adorable package from your pup!

  6. Haha I love that picture about chocolates. I mean how can you really hate a day that involves eating tons and tons of chocolates? 😀

  7. Zelda blew my cats’ Valentines out of the water. All they did was break into my bedroom and lay on my chest at 1:30 this morning. It was creepy.

  8. Nice workout! Solo workouts I give myself a time goal or on a run I HAVE to get home so I push myself to get there. Teammates or training partners are great. I was feeling dead in the pool but my friend pushed me to do two more. I know being solo is mentally stronger but nothing beats that motivating friend or team.

    • I agree–I do the majority of my workouts solo because I’ll race solo, but I love having company for tough workouts.

  9. Love Zelda’s Valentines Day gift! Happy Valentines Day!

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  11. Wow, what a great run and how motivating to be able to do it with others, especially when they are just a little bit faster. Congrats on getting everything in order for the South Beach tri and Zelda looks like a pretty spoiled friend!

  12. Great job on that run! I run with my husband on occasion, but never with a group. I’m so intimidated! But if I was super strong like you, I’d probably enjoy it, too 🙂

    • LOL–it’s nice to run with others for tough workouts. They make it harder to quit, plus there’s definitely solidarity since everyone is struggling and hurting together.

  13. Zelda is a trip…I die! Sounds like you had a great Valentine’s Day and hopefully you swooped up some clearance candy today.

  14. Oh boy my workout was tough today! Feeling guilty usually gets me to finish, and having Mike there helps. I like working out with friends, Mike and alone.

    I love all of your goodies from Zelda, so cute! Bernie wasn’t really feeling the dog show either (we were though) what’s up with them!?

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