Take a Turn About the Room, Part II

Good morning!  TGIF!  I completed a Full Throttle Endurance team swim workout this morning before our head coach held an informal clinic on how to change a flat tire/tube.  I sort of know how to do it, but I don’t exactly feel confident; it’s definitely a process you need to practice, so our head coach suggested the following:  “Go home, pour yourself a glass of wine, and practice.”  Why didn’t I think of adding vino to the equation before?  If there’s wine involved, then count me in!

Anyway, I promised another “tour” of my apartment since my mom and dad helped me find some big-girl apartment birthday décor.  I enlisted my parents because first, I don’t trust myself when it comes to home decoration; college posters aren’t exactly appropriate anymore, and the limited experience I do have equated to an area rug searching and purchasing nightmare.  Second—which shouldn’t surprise anyone—I don’t have tools in my apartment like a hammer, nails, etc.  But I do have a foam roller and bike pump, so it all evens out, right?  We found everything at Bed Bath & Beyond, except the clock, which came from TJ Maxx.  Let’s take a turn about the room!

First, we hung a mirror in the entryway. (And by “we,” I mean my mom and dad.)


It adds some depth to the area, and it lets me do a quick teeth/hair/makeup check before leaving.


In fact, I used this mirror when I took a picture of my new haircut. (Not that you can tell, but still.)


To the right of the entryway sits the dining table/work center, and we placed a clock up above.


It’s been temperamental at times—its hands stop on 7:20—but it looks really nice.


Although I might have to buy a new one if its hands continue to refuse to work.


Next up is the most important piece:  This painting hangs above the couch and essentially connects the central theme of the room. (Although my original idea was to hang my bike there!)


Perfect size and perfect color scheme—what a clutch find!



Between the windows sits this unique metal piece.


Again, perfect size and colors.


Finally, we found two flower paintings for my bedroom.


Very pretty, right?


So that’s what I have so far.  I still want to get a few more pieces, but my apartment feels much more homey now.

What was your favorite room/area to decorate in your home/apartment?  Did you decorate it immediately after moving in, or did you wait and buy one item at a time?

27 responses to “Take a Turn About the Room, Part II

  1. My apartment layout means that the living/dining room area is the largest and the place we spend the most time, so that’s where I’ve done some “decorating.” Vintage travel ad posters and a few fake flowers are really my only decorations, though. I’m SO clueless!

  2. I love large wall decor! And ur new do 🙂

  3. I actually think your hair looks a lot shorter! Is that just me? I don’t know, I can notice a pretty big difference actually. I really like the mirror idea! I really like the mirror!

  4. I love that picture! Although I think the bike would’ve looked nice too 🙂

  5. Wine makes everything better! 😀 Have a great weekend!

  6. loving the feel you created, so pretty!

  7. Love the painting above the couch, those colors are perfect! And your new haircut looks great!!

  8. Great mirror! I am a huge int. decor fan and can’t wait until we start renovating the house this winter! I’m already scheming and pinning ideas 🙂
    He has been living there 5 years, me 1.5 years.

  9. Your hair is so cute!! I guess as long as you have a bike pump and foam roller you’re doing pretty good on tools – lol. I’m glad you got to learn about tire replacement; I’ve heard horror stories from my tri friends about a tires blowing out during a race.

    • I really, really need to practice changing one. Our coach said if we get a flat during a short-course event, we’re basically DNFing. For most people, best-case scenario is a change that takes five minutes, but that’s still a lot of ground to make up.

  10. High five for new haircuts! You look adorable. Also, I love your bedding. Purple is my favorite color, haha.

  11. I LOVE that floral painting. That is so gorgeous!

  12. Loving the decor! So cute! Our house isn’t really decorated, we aren’t planning on staying here much longer. We don’t even have wedding photos up and we’ll be married for three years in July, oops!

    I need to learn how to change a flat tire/tube ASAP!

  13. I love the decorating accents! The circular mirror is beautiful and the whole apartment looks great.

  14. That painting is lovely! It does really tie the room together!

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