What’s Your Archetype?

Good morning!  Back to the grind today, right?  Le sigh.  Oh well—can’t complain about a three-day weekend.

Workout #1 – Running

After yesterday’s tough team workout, I was happy the training schedule called for an easy run.  Even though it wasn’t freezing outside (around 34 degrees Farenheit), it took me longer than usual to fully warm-up.  On the bright side, that ensured my pace remained in the steady ballpark for 35 minutes.

Workout #2 – Strength Training

Immediately after running, I went to my building’s fitness center for a full-body strength training workout.  I’ve been upping the weight recently, and it’s crazy to think that for some of the exercises I’m lifting heavier than I was during my college basketball days, yet I’m not “blowing up” and gaining weight; I’m actually leaning out and developing some definition.  Moral of the story:  don’t be afraid to lift heavy, ladies!


My tummy has been acting up (I totally blame the Whole Foods pizza dough—never again!), so I went with my classic spinach and egg-white breakfast sandwich this morning.


I’m off to the office shortly, but first, I want to share an interesting quiz:  ArchetypeMe.  While doing work-y things on Friday, I popped over to The Fit Stop (my company’s blog) and found a post that featured this survey—Find Your Archetype, Reach Your Goals.

For most of us, it’s been a while since high school English class, so here’s a refresher:


And the available archetypes:


Onto the two-minute quiz.


It takes literally two minutes, and the results are quite telling.


Quite an interesting combo, right?  Not that I’m surprised.  My top three archetypes included athlete, intellectual, and caregiver.  Like my Chinese horoscope, my archetype results are so accurate it’s scary.

Athlete: tomboy, adventurer, outdoorswoman, competitor

“… you love being in touch with your body and love to push yourself to see what you can achieve … athletes are forward-looking …”

Intellectual: scholar, professional, sage, thinker

“If you’re an intellectual, you’re always seeking knowledge and wisdom. Rational, well-read, and deliberative, you tend to think before you talk … While intellectuals enjoy giving answers, they delight most in asking questions, either of others or of the universe. They are rational in their quest to figure things out, methodical too.”

Caregiver: nurturer, mother, sister, best friend, teacher, heroine

“… someone who lives to give and needs to be useful … you throw yourself into all kinds of supportive efforts …”

As the percentages indicate, I definitely identify more as an athlete and intellectual, but I do have a fair amount of caregiver qualities.

What’s your archetype?

25 responses to “What’s Your Archetype?

  1. Ok, I just took it, and I got Intellectual, Caregiver, and Athlete. I think that’s about right!

  2. 🙂 I just reread your results and realized we got the same thing!

  3. I would have such a tough time choosing…. I feel like some of them I am sometimes and some I am in certain circumstances. Gosh I am too indecisive.

    38% Caregiver
    A Caregiver is someone who lives to give and needs to be useful.
    33% Intellectual
    If you’re an Intellectual, you’re always seeking knowledge and wisdom.
    9% Creative
    The Creative woman lives to express herself and is happiest when she’s making something, whether it’s a dress, video, novel, song, DESSERT or website.

    DESSERT CARRIE. This quiz is so smart!

  5. I ended up with the same archetypes as you! Nearly thr same percentages, too. Fun!

    And I’m a big fan of heavy lifting. I get so annoyed whenever I read things perpetuating the myth that heavy weights = bulk. Mostwomen ccouldn’t bulk up if they tried!

  6. I like taking these self-evaluating quizes. I always learn something that seems so obvious but that never occured to me before. I’m an athlete, rebel, and intellectual. Have a good day!

  7. I’m cracking up right now. Not because I’m 48% caregiver and 16% intellectual, but because I’m 16% queen. I guess that’s where the saucy comes from. 🙂

  8. This was really fun. I got 36% caregiver, 31% athlete (that surprised me) and 13% spiritual. I’m really surprised intellectual didn’t pop up. Maybe I’m not a quizzical as I thought.

    • I thought I’d get spiritual, actually. I wouldn’t be surprised if the third- and fourth-largest percentages were really close.

  9. No freaking way! I took the same Archetype quiz (my roommate bought the book) and I got the same three things, only a different order! 1. Caregiver, 2. Intellectual, and 3. Athlete. So funny!

  10. Ohhh interesting. I got caregiver (42 percent), intellectual (25 percent) and advocate (13 percent). Apparently I’m not too athletic, haha!

  11. I just took this and got the exact same “score”.

  12. HOW COOL!!! I received a very similar score, but with a bit of “creative” instead of “caregiver.”

    That was really fun, thank you for sharing 😀

  13. I took the quiz and my results were: 36% athlete, 28% intellectual and 16% caregiver. Pretty accurate I would say.

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