Brooklyn Hijinx, Part Two

On Saturday afternoon, I met up with my friend Gabby for more Brooklyn hijinx. (As a side note, doesn’t “Brooklyn hijix” sound cool?  Manhattan hijinx just doesn’t have the same ring to it.) Katie, our friend from college, came to the city for the weekend, so we got to see her and her mom for a few hours filled with … food!  First, we hit up Brooklyn Cupcake—standard.


Our previous cupcake run occurred at its flagship shop in Williamsburg, but we visited its new location in DUMBO (“down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass”).  The actual mixing, baking, and frosting takes place at the main store, but I will support BK Cupcake anywhere and everywhere it goes.   Anyway, it took me for-ev-er to make a decision, and I eventually choice the Guava con Queso, which is inspired by a traditional Columbian dessert.


Blurry picture due to the rain, but holy yum!  Thanks to the cream cheese, it tasted like fruity cheesecake.  The cake itself was perfectly moist and absolutely delicious.  I also split a chocolate Nutella cupcake with Gabby.


Friends and cupcakes!

For our second stop, we went to Rico’s Tacos in Sunset Park.


I was so thankful to have Gabby there to help me navigate the menu—so many options!


Again, it took me forever to make a selection, and I finally went with the pollo asado taquito—a “pocket-friend” chicken taco.


Rico’s makes their tortillas in-house, which I definitely noticed, and I loved the spicy avocado cream sauce.


It was such a fun—and filling!—afternoon!

If you could create any flavor of cupcake, what would you make?

23 responses to “Brooklyn Hijinx, Part Two

  1. Any flavor of cupcake? Oh my. I’d probably pick some sort of crazy Nutella + PB combination..can’t choose between the two!

  2. Oh my gosh, tacos! I love a good taco. Also, cupcakes. Sounds like a great weekend 🙂

  3. I am envious of your cupcake escapades…le sigh

  4. oh gosh my indecisive nature would have a full blown heart attack trying to decide a flavor… haha

  5. I’m sorry but you will have to do this all over again–down the to food–in three weeks.

  6. I don’t think I need to create a flavor-I want that PB & J one!

  7. Food looks fresh and delicious! (I have the same JCrew seater that you’re wearing…it’s on my “to wear” list this week.)
    I guess maybe an apple-pie or apple-crisp inspired cupcake.

  8. Gah, this is the second blog post I’ve read in a row that features ahhhhmazing looking cupcakes! Is this a sign from the cupcake God?? 😉 And those tacos look amazing, too. I’m a sucker for cilantro.

  9. I love nutella so it’d be hard to pick something else, but guava is one of my favorite fruits ever!! Awesome eats 🙂

  10. “Friends and cupcakes!”

    Isn’t that the best thing ever? You know you’re livin’ right!

  11. Yummy cupcakes! I would love anything with peanut butter, and white chocolate is good too.

    Mexican food is so good! Your post is making me hungry 🙂

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