Return of the Wetsuit

Hey, hey—happy Friday!  First, thanks for your supportive comments on yesterday’s downer of a post.  Even though I’ve moved past it (sort of), I’m still struggling with the fact that I didn’t finish the 500 yards due to lack of effort; I would be OK with the cutoff if I had given 100 percent, but that wasn’t the case.  However, I do feel a little better because my teammate who also completed the “race” wasn’t pleased with his performance either, and like me, he was in a bad mood all day.  Takes one to know one, right?  What really turned my outlook around, though, was an email from Andrew. (I also briefly talked to him at our team meet-up last night.) I feel like I let him down (and myself, obviously) by doing not-so-great yesterday, but he said it’s a different kind of event that requires a different strategy, and it was my first time doing it—and he was happy with how I did.  Live, race, and learn.

Workout – Swimming

Guess what came with me to this morning’s swim session?


Hey, wetsuit!  Long time no see!  Our practice was wetsuit optional, and based on my high school basketball experience, I know optional really means required. (My high school coach was notorious for holding “optional, but highly encouraged attending” open gyms, aka mandatory.)  I haven’t worn it since the DeRuyter Triathlon in September, and it’s been patiently waiting in my closet to make its 2013 debut.

According to my teammates, Nautica South Beach will be wetsuit-legal, so it’s time to start logging some time in it.  I forgot how snug it fits up top, and I thought my arms would fall off during our 500-yard warm up.  I was also overheating a bit, but wearing the suit proved to be worth it—we did the doggie paddle and water polo drills again, and the extra buoyancy was great!  More importantly, it was my first time wearing my wetsuit since really working on my swim, and it was awesome to feel the improvements.  It’s all about progress!


As soon as I got home, I inhaled a mashed banana and some plain Greek yogurt before taking a shower.  After, I made some instant oats and added half a scoop of Jay Robb egg white protein powder.


Plus some cinnamon and brown sugar—so good!

My sister Margaret is here, so we’ll be exploring, shopping, and eating the day away.  Have a great one!

And Happy International Women’s Day!  Be sure to read Gina’s post too!

19 responses to “Return of the Wetsuit

  1. Have a great weekend.

    • carriestevens

      Thanks, friend! We had a great dinner last night–first time we’ve all been together since the holidays. 🙂

  2. I saw that international women’s day, so cool!

  3. Was it not a bit hot in a wetsuit in the pool?! Make sure you give it a good wash as chlorine can corrode it

    • carriestevens

      Yep, it was a little toasty. Luckily, the wetsuit-optional portion of practice included the warm up and drills, so it was off for the main set. I even practiced running and taking it off, T1-style. 🙂 Thanks for the chlorine tip, too!

  4. Fun! Those things are the awesomest to get off 😉

    • carriestevens

      After warming up and doing drills, I practiced taking it off in a race/transition-like scenario–definitely more fun to take off than put on! 😉

  5. Have fun with your sister! Go eat a cupcake for me 🙂

  6. I always wonder how people get wetsuits on. They seem so tight! Also, in a heated pool, that has to be hot. I didn’t realize they made you more buoyant!!

    • carriestevens

      It’s definitely a process putting on a wetsuit–think getting tights on, but longer and more complicated. 🙂 And yes, it was quite warm in the pool, but the wetsuit-optional part of practice included the warm up and drills, so it was off for the main set. Good thing, too, because I was very warm!

  7. Brown sugar and cinnamon make everything better. Have fun with your sis!

  8. How exciting. I’m contemplating not wearing a wetsuit at South Beach and instead just going with my trisuit. Any recommendations from the club members who have done the race before?

    • We actually talked about the race quite a bit a brunch yesterday. They said not to worry too much about the swim. I guess last year, the water was really choppy the day before, but very calm the morning-of. Their other big suggestion was to mentally prepare for the heat. It isn’t a fact during the swim and most of the bike, but they said you’ll feel it during the run. One of my teammates said she might go to a few Bikram yoga classes to get used to working out in the humidity.

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  10. Mike and I still need to get wetsuits, haha. We didn’t wear one at either of our tris last year. Skinnyman was fine without, but Keuka Lake was a little cold (58 degrees)! We’re doing the Olympic at Keuka this year so I think wetsuits will be necessary.

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