Snapshot Friday and Saturday

Every time my family visits, I tell myself I’ll be a good blogger, take tons of pictures, and write a really detailed recap about our adventures.  And every time I fail miserably—ha!  This weekend, though, I managed to snap a few pics, so I’ll share those with you.


After rocking my wetsuit at Friday’s swim practice, I spent the day hanging out with my sister Margaret.  First, we ate lunch at Terri, an organic and vegetarian restaurant.


I ordered the “tuna” melt (aka chickpea salad) with a side of roasted sweet potatoes.


It tasted great and kept me full during our entire shopping trip, which included stops at Zara and Kate Spade.

Margaret trying on shoes—YOLO.


I took a class in college with Michele called “He Says, She Says,” so I found this iPhone cover oh so rhetorical.


Even though it was blizzarding in NYC, Margaret and I ordered our first iced coffees Americanos of the season.


Spring better be on the way!

My parents and sister Ellen arrived later that night and brought some goodies from my grandma—homemade sauce and meatballs for the win!


I cannot wait to break into this stash.


My weekend started with a Full Throttle Endurance swimming practice at Chelsea Piers and brunch at my teammate’s apartment. (Er, triathlete brunch, I guess; we ate around 9:30 a.m.—ha!) I didn’t want to be a creeper and whip out my iPhone, but the spread was impressive:  waffles and whipped cream made from scratch, asparagus and goat cheese frittata, plus bacon, Italian biscotti, and sparkling apple cider.  Holy moley, everything was so good!  I also enjoyed hanging out with my teammates outside of swimming, biking, and running.  Yes, we talked triathlons the entire time, but it was great to focus on the conversation without keeping an eye on the clock to time our rest and intervals.

Back at my apartment, my family and I watched the first half of the Syracuse basketball game (I don’t want to talk about the final result) before heading uptown to see Jersey Boys.


Absolutely incredible!


And get this—one of the “swing” cast members played Frankie Valli, and he totally killed it!  He even had his own friends and family cheering section.

Speaking of family …


Doing what we do best—goofing off!

Next, we wandered around Chelsea Market briefly, but it was a bit difficult navigation-wise with all five of us, so we didn’t stay very long.  I was also experiencing some stomach troubles and was so not in the mood to take pictures.

For dinner, we went to a Raymi, a Peruvian restaurant for dinner, and it was phenomenal!  Again, not pictures due to being girl-down, but we plan to go back.

How was your weekend?

23 responses to “Snapshot Friday and Saturday

  1. Gosh I want your weekend. that cell phone case is hilarious. I am eyeing those sweet potatoes, total yum

    • The sweet potatoes were to die for! My sister got some too, and she didn’t finish them at lunch, so I carried them around in my bag all day. Normal, right? 😉

  2. I think it’s funny that we always say we are going to be good bloggers and take photos when in reality we don’t really…ever. I wish you had come seen your family in Syracuse though but I’ll continuously harass you until you know…you do.

  3. What a fun filled weekend! It’d be pretty awesome if you found a phone case that said “That’s what she said” LOL

  4. Oh man, such an awesome weekend! I’ve never seen Jersey Boys, but I’ve been dying to for a very long time now. I’m AWFUL at using anything but my iPhone to record outings. And even that is difficult for me to take out! Glad to see you got some pics though. 🙂

    • I’m all about the iPhone when I’m running around; it’s so much easier than lugging around a real camera.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend with friends and family! I totally understand the blogger dilemma, same thing happened to me this weekend! There was so much I wanted to write about, but when I finally found myself in front of a computer at 10:00pm last night, I lost all motivation and just did a quick recap. I had the best intentions though!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend, Carrie! I had major blogger fail this weekend as well. My family came to visit, and after they left yesterday I realized I hadn’t take a single picture!

  7. Sounds like an amazing weekend! And homemade meatballs and sauce? Yummmmm!

  8. This looks like such a fun weekend!

    I am SO jealous of all of the beautiful curly hair in your family! Mine is stick straight and won’t curl for the world.

    • Yep, we’re a family of curly hair girls for sure! My aunts have curly hair, plus my mom and one of my sisters. I love it, but it definitely a pain to straighten–it takes at least an hour!

  9. Looks like you still got some good pictures! How did the vegetarian tuna taste? Interesting concept!

  10. ahh sounds like a wonderful weekend! i would love to go to a broadway show! sounds like fun. and when your grandma makes you meatballs..OMG. best! and yes I always go to write posts and realize I never take pictures…Ah well…good effort, eh? 😀

    • It was such a great weekend–perfect mix of fitness and family. And yes, I need to be more disciplined when it comes to taking pictures. 😉

  11. I’m glad you had a great weekend (last weekend)! That food from the first restaurant looks amazing!

    And I want iced coffee but it is still too cold here for that!

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