Five Things Thursday

Hiya, friends!  Yes, I’m alive!  My week has been crazy, so I have lots of updates to share.  Let’s list it up!

1.  You knew this one was coming.


T-minus 24 days until South Beach!  I’m obviously super pumped, but I’m starting to get nervous—about the ocean swim (because I haven’t been in open water since September), the bike (because I haven’t been outside since October), and the run (because it will be hotter than Hades).  Quite honestly, I don’t feel ready to race, so good thing it’s classified as a “C” event, meaning I’ll train through it and not “race” it.  I’m more than ready for some beach time, though!

2.  Speaking of training, I’ve had some pretty kick-butt workouts this week.  Scott, the head coach of Full Throttle Endurance, led Monday’s speedwork session—and I survived!  We did a ton of 400m, 600m, and 800m repeats, and my pacemates and I took turns leading and sharing the workload.  However, Scott being Scott was hooting and hollering during our final 800m set and wanted me to overtake our pacesetter during the last 200m.  I had a ton of gas left in the tank (come to think of it, I might be in the wrong pace group, but whatever), but I didn’t want to be “that teammate” who blows by the paceleader.  No one “wins” practice, right?  But I did it anyway.  It felt so good to full-out sprint!  Scott totally lost it and started cheering, and after I finished, he came up to me and said, “Now that’s how you finish a race!” and gave me a fist pound.  Hopefully he forgot about Trial By Fire.

3.  Wednesday’s indoor cycling workout went really well, too.  This was my second session with Scott, and I love his coaching style.  Don’t get me wrong:  Andrew is the man, but whereas Andrew reminds me of my high school basketball coach, Scott is my high school basketball coach; his loud, intense, in-your-face coaching works for me.  It definitely isn’t for everyone, but I value a coach who will push and challenge me.  Anyway, Scott used me as an example of good cycling technique (totally shocking!), and he also asked if I’m a strong cyclist outdoors; I guess my engine and power inside are pretty decent.

4.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I went rock climbing Tuesday morning.


So much fun!

5.  Speaking of non-triathlon happenings (I swear, I do other things besides swimming, biking, and running), I went to yoga this morning.


Logistically, it’s been tough to go before work, and it felt great to return to my mat—perfect form of exercise for an active rest day.

Time to shop for groceries and tackle a freelance assignment.  Have a great Thursday!

Have you ever been rock climbing?  Would you try it?

27 responses to “Five Things Thursday

  1. Sweet countdown app! And I love rock climbing. I used to go climb a couple times a week at my parents’ gym and it was so fun. We are members of the Y and they actually had a rock wall. Outdoor climbing is even better minus the dirt that gets in your fingers. My favorite part about climbing is improving and working to finally get up that 5.9!

    • It was so much fun–and a total-body workout for sure! My arms felt like jello when I finished my second climb. I’d definitely do it again!

  2. HI! I’ve wondering about you, friend. Looks like you’ve had a busy week, but a really fun one! I love to rock climb, but only on those indoor climbing walls. Actual rock climbing scares me to death. You know that credit card commercial where that girl climbs to the top of that very tall, skinny rock? Yeah, that commercial makes me physically ill every time I see it!

    • I’m alive and well! 😉 Rock climbing was so much fun! And I know the commercial you’re talking about. I would totally freak out if I climbed that high. Even on Tuesday, I forced myself not to look down because I knew it would scare me!

  3. Your races are coming up so quickly! Oh my lanta! We host rock climbing every week through work-so I’ve been once. It’s certainly not something I’m really that in too considering I’m the least flexible or have little to no hand eye coordination in the slightest.

    • It was tough! My arms were totally dead by the end. There’s definitely a strategy to it in terms of selecting the right holds.

  4. Sounds like you’re going to kill it in South Beach!

    I haven’t been rock climbing in ages but always really enjoy it when I go. I need to hit up a rock wall again!

  5. I need yoga in my life right now. I am dying to hit up a class. First i need time, uck!

  6. Yes! I want to rock climb so badly. We have one at school, but it’s not quite the same. I KNOW I shouldn’t complain and just get my butt up the wall as many times as possible though. 🙂 Totally pumped for you that this race is coming up, but mostly for the beach time you’ll have!

  7. Great training week! I’ve never been rock climbing before (well, not a “real” rock climbing place anyway) but I’d love to do it one day. It looks like so much fun!

  8. Rock climbing is really tough! I did it once at RIT, and my arms were sore for days after. It’s like a puzzle, trying to figure out where to put your feet. I can’t say I hated it though.

    • YES–my arms felt like jello when I was done with two climbs! I have an even greater respect for those who climb regularly. You’re so right about it being like a puzzle–definitely a mental aspect to it as well.

  9. ROCK CLIMBING is so fuN! There’s a place by me but it’s kinda far from where I’ve moved – it works muscles you ain’t never felt before! 😉 And I love the Countdown app 😉

  10. Every 4th of July my b-f and I are at a party that has a climbing wall (one on-wheels) and it has become a big deal to race up while the entire family watches and cheers 🙂 We just found a local indoor wall that I’m sure we’ll be trying soon.

  11. I haven’t been rock climbing, but I have interpreted for a rock climbing class. It was interesting!

    Yay for the countdowns!

  12. Only 24 days – eek!!! I know you’re going to kill that tri! You have entirely way too much fun being you. 😉 Rock climbing AND yoga?? Awesome! I haven’t gone rock climbing in years (2007) and I’m beyond missing it but there’s no place around here.

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  14. I’m really scared of heights, so tried an indoor rock climbing class to face that fear. It was actually really fun! Next, I wanna try climbing outside 🙂

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