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Hello, hello from Upstate New York!


Even though spring has officially arrived, the lake remains frozen.  Before I left practice Wednesday, my teammates said I should drill a hole and hop in for some open-water swimming.  It sounded like a great idea to me, but my mom shot it down—ha!

Anyway, it feels so nice to be home!  My tiny hometown is basically the exact opposite of New York City, and although I love living there, I do like escaping the concrete jungle every now and then.  My train yesterday arrived almost an hour late—you’re killing me, Amtrak!—so lunch was on my mind. (Not that there’s ever a time when I’m not thinking about food, but you get my point.) Luckily, my mom had some Easter grocery shopping to do at Wegmans, so we went there for lunch.


Holy cow—I’ve missed Weggies so much!  I planned to get the citrus tofu roll, but it wasn’t available, so I went with a spicy tuna roll, plus a side of roasted mushrooms and asparagus.

For dinner, my family went to Circa, our favorite local restaurant.


Luckily, my sisters and I “like” Circa on Facebook, so we knew there wasn’t wine—and alerted my parents, so we came prepared!  Salad and turkey mole for dinner.



Breakfast after my swim this morning was my standard spinach and egg white breakfast sandwich, and I enjoyed a delicious bowl of homemade black bean soup after my tempo run.


Black bean soup never photographs well, but trust me:  To.  Die.  For.  I also chased it with an orange.


Speaking of orange, Syracuse beat Indiana last night and advanced to the Elite Eight—woohoo!  I’m so happy the Cuse-Marquette matchup will start at 3:30 p.m. tomorrow afternoon; the past games have tipped off around 9:40 p.m., which is past my bedtime. (Seriously.)

I’m going shopping with my sister now—enjoy your Friday!

Do you certain meals or visit certain restaurants when you’re home?

20 responses to “Home Sw-EAT Home

  1. Enjoy the family time, super jealous over here!

  2. have a great weekend in NY! I’m so jealous of your Wegmans trip right now! I miss it out there!

  3. Enjoy being home! I’m going home this evening and very excited about it. I definitely love eating my mom’s home cooked meals and going to a couple of our favorite restaurant spots. Your dinner from Circa looks delicious!

  4. Yes I absolutely do have fave places I go when I visit home. I went to two of them last week when I was in TN. Even if it’s nothing special ($7 plate of Mexican) and tastes the exact same as it did 8 years ago, it’s still nice to have the opportunity to enjoy it.

    • Mmmm, Mexican food is one of my favorites! Those places that haven’t changed over the years are great. One of our go-to restaurants was around for 15 years or so before it went out of business; very sad. 🙁

  5. Yes! Whenever I’m home, there’s a cafe with amazing soups that I have to visit. Their soups are so good, they published a cookbook with them!

  6. Black bean soup doesn’t photograph well AT ALL, haha I’ve found that no soups do!!

    • Yeah, soups are tough! And I’m too lazy to wipe down the top of the bowl so it looks pretty–just want to eat. 😉

  7. Yum! Nothing like being in a happy place with good eats 😉

  8. I love Wegmans sushi. I love their avocado rolls and sweet potato rolls.

  9. I’m glad you had a great time at home!

    Mike and I always try to hit up certain places when we visit my family in Maine, especially since we can’t eat at them in Rochester. I’m definitely a non-chain restaurant lover!

  10. Oh my gosh, I could totally see you drilling a hole in the lake! 😛

    Also, turkey mole sounds amazing!!! Mole is the most wonderful thing ever.

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