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Hey, friends!  I hope your Thursday is going well so far!

As you may have noticed, I took a blogging hiatus in response to the Boston Marathon bombing news.  One of my teammates ran and finished the race; thankfully, he’s OK and back in New York City.  One of my cousins also spectated the event; thankfully, she left before the explosions.  So much has been written on this tragedy—and rightfully so—and instead of reinventing the wheel, I’ll simply say please keep those affected in your thoughts and prayers.

Back to regularly scheduled blogging:  Remember how I didn’t have a race kit to wear for the Nautica South Beach Triathlon, so I borrowed one from a teammate?  Good news—Full Throttle Endurance swag has arrived!


All of our gear—racing and cycling kits, plus jackets, sweatpants, sweatshirts, you name it—comes from Castelli.  When our coaches handed out the swag Monday morning at practice, I obviously tried it on immediately, and I really like the tri top and shorts.


And the black does a much better job of flattering my fair skin than the white top I wore at SoBe.  Not that it matters, of course—but who doesn’t want to look semi-decent in race photos?

The cycling apparel, however, fits strangely.  Before we placed the orders, our coaches instructed us to order a size up because this brand runs small. (I guess Italians are smaller than Americans?  Ha!)


I selected a bigger size for my cycling jersey and figured it would be fine because I’d wear a base layer underneath, but it’s still too roomy.  Great color scheme, though!

Also, my teammates and I can’t figure this out:  We’re fairly certain we ordered normal cycling shorts, but a bunch of us received bib ones.


Uh, there’s no way I can wear these in public because I could barely get them on—they run so small!  Oh well, guess I’ll have to order more gear.  Right now, I’m leaning toward this pink kit.


Since I can’t pull off pink real clothes thanks to my fair skin, I should take advantage when it comes to workout apparel, right?

Things workout-wise have been going well this week.  Aside from a great nine-mile run along the West Side Highway and through Central Park with a teammate this morning, the most beneficial session was Tuesday morning’s bike handling clinic.  During the next training cycle (which starts in two weeks with another two-mile time trial on the track!), we’ll be logging lots of loops in Central Park, so it’s crucial we know how to ride safely as a group.  Most of my training group teammates and I are biking newbies, so Andrew organized an outdoor clinic and had practice skills like weaving through cones, making tight turns, signaling correctly, and drinking from water bottles.  Although we almost got ticketed (twice!) by a West Side Highway cop, our group had a really productive morning, and by the end of the session, I noticed an improvement in my skills and overall riding confidence.  It’s all about progress!

And the token food pictures.


My breakfast sandwiches have still been in the rotation, but Greek yogurt/overnight oats have sounded especially delicious this week, so I’m rolling with it.

Does your workout and fitness apparel fall into one color scheme?

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  1. Very nice swag! So glad that your cousin and friend are alright.

    • New gear is so exciting! I’m so thankful both made it out OK–and these recent developments are so terrible.

  2. Rock the pink! I’ve got lots of black, grey, blue.

    • I saw the pink kit today and love it–need to order it later this afternoon before the online store closes!

  3. I’m loving that pink kit!!

  4. I’m glad to hear everyone is okay that you knew but it’s also obviously upsetting that so many were not okay. That is certainly something I am trying to wrap my head around I guess.

    As far as color scheme for workout clothes…I generally buy what’s cheapest which ends up being neon. LOL.

    • I *love* neon! My most recent running shorts purchase (Nike, obviously) were neon, and I’m obsessed. 🙂

  5. Love the swag! I really want to see you race in it. I think bike clothes are so cool on women (on men, can’t lie, I think they look kind of silly — sorry!)

  6. I absolutely LOVE bib shorts! When I first brought a pair of cycling shorts I got the cheapest pair I could find at EMS. Last year I got a killer deal of a $200+ Giodonna bib shorts and so awesome! It’s definitely worth it to invest in quality workout gear. And I love the fact that 110% is one of your sponsors. I love their compression gear!

    • I’ll have to give the bib shorts a try. They just looked so weird on–but then again, I’ve never worn a pair before so I don’t know how they’re supposed to look. Oh, and in terms of 110%–I’m learning more about the brand through my job at the running store, and I cannot wait to try their gear!

  7. I LOVE bibs! Honestly, so much more comfy then regular bike shorts, i love that there isn’t a waist band cutting you off. When it comes to bike outfits i love anything bright! preferrably in purple- love that pink kit though 🙂

    Bike handling is so important. getting used to riding outside was a little challenging and adding it clip less peddles- oh boy! glad you are practicing 🙂

    • Wow, OK, I will definitely give the bibs a shot, then. They felt so strange, but I’ve been riding in normal shorts, which is probably why. The bottle-passing drill was so scary! Steering with one hand, looking forward, passing and receiving a bottle–lots to think about!

  8. That kit is awesome, I hope we get pics with you in it. Other people above me have said what I’ve been told that bib shorts are more comfy, but I think my bobs are too big to give it a go!

    • There will be pictures–eventually. 😉 We’ll be doing longer rides on the weekends, so there will definitely be photo opportunities then. I’m going to give the bib shorts a shot; we’ll see. They just felt so weird on!

  9. As part of the running community, I think we all knew someone who was there. So happy that your teammate and cousin were both ok. Loooooove the gear, Carrie. You’re going to look so legit!

    • Getting and trying on the gear made my day! I mean, who doesn’t like new workout apparel, right? 🙂

  10. I think the pink looks really cute! All my workout bottoms are black or really dark gray, and my tops are either blue, green or purple. I did just get a pink and a red one, so I’m trying to mix it up!

    • I tend to gravitate toward darker bottoms and fun tops too. I’ve been eying a bright pink racerback tank at the running store, and it’s only a matter of time before it comes home with me–perfect color for spring! 🙂

  11. Oh wow, neat outfits! I really like the pink/black. I say I dislike pink, but somehow it’s creeped into my workout clothes drawer a lot! I am super picky about the bottoms since I don’t want to have the sweat/pee my pants look.

    • It’s funny how pink can find a spot for itself. In high school and college, I owned zero pink apparel, but that has clearly changed! 😉

  12. Your trisuit would fit perfectly to my red/black road bike! I haven’t even started looking around for a race kit for triathlon. I haven’t signed up for a race yet, but would you recomment a race kit for the first (sprint) triathlon, or do running shorts and a shirt work, too?

    • Last year, I did three tris and raced in a Pearl Izumi two-piece kit–absolutely loved it. Wearing a tri top and shorts isn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s definitely more comfortable–everything dries much quicker and makes you more aerodynamic (aka faster). Plus, you can swim, bike, and run without changing clothes. Let me know if you have more specific questions–I can talk about this stuff literally all day. 🙂

  13. Loving the new gear!! And I love the pink race kit too! I love new workout clothes!

  14. Love the fitness gear swag! 🙂 I love the pink race kit. I absolutely love bright workout clothing!

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