Friday Favorites – May 3

Happy Friday!  Has this week flown by for anyone else?  There are a bunch of things getting me in the Friday/weekend spirit, so I’m going with a list-style post today.

1.  This will be my first time in four years celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  How is this possible?  In college, I always seemed to be stuck at a prof’s house for final portfolio presentations (ah, the joys of a small liberal arts college), which meant no Cinco shenanigans.  Things will be different on Sunday!


My teammates and I will bike to the start line of Escape to the Palisades, run the 5-K, and then ride around Jersey.  More likely than not, some adult beverages will be consumed—after the race of course.

2.  While working at JackRabbit Sports last night, I wore the Saucony Kinvara 3’s—and immediately fell in love.


I’ve been eying this pair for a while, and my size was finally available last night.  I’ll spare you the shoe geek specs, but it’s an incredibly light and comfortable shoe.  Coincidentally, I’m also due for a new pair of sneakers.  Hmmm …

3.  In terms of cooking, I took a risk and threw together a new spice blend.


I don’t remember the exact measurements, but it contained cayenne pepper (obviously), garlic powder, brown sugar, and dried thyme, plus some cinnamon and salt.  Huge success!

4.  This Facebook post made my day:  MuckFest MS shared one of my aunt’s photos.


What a great race–and we’re famous!

5.  Thanks to working tonight and swimming tomorrow morning, I’m going to have a crazy night filled with some baller reading material.


If you missed yesterday’s post, Jen and I teamed up to start a book club.  Just fill out this Google form if you’d like to join!

What are some things that are making your Friday extra awesome?

18 responses to “Friday Favorites – May 3

  1. Have fun this weekend!

  2. MMMM peeppperrrr 😉 xo

  3. Strongly considering those Kinvaras as my next shoe. I keep hearing great things about them and they look so awesome!

    • carriestevens

      They feel absolutely amazing. I know someone who can help you pick a great running shoe too. 🙂

  4. man your spice blends look awesome. I am all about the more spice the better

    • carriestevens

      Mmmhmm, no such thing as too much spice! Just read your blog–have a great weekend with Papa Run Within! 🙂

  5. You’re mucking famous!

    I would wish you luck for Sunday’s race, but you don’t need it – you’re totally gonna rock. I will, however, wish you luck for the Cinco de Mayo festivities (tequila is brutal! ;))

    • carriestevens

      LOL! Tequila and I have a love-hate relationship, so it will be interesting. 😉 May play it safe and stick to beer post-race. 🙂

  6. aw c’mon. You miss that fantastic squash lasagna with cat hair.

  7. Enjoy your race tomorrow!

    I love my Kinvaras, but I still wear the 2s and will probably have to skip to the 4s by the time I need new ones.

    • carriestevens

      I’m *so* excited to get these shoes! Thanks to shipping, they should be here in 3-4 weeks, but I’m crossing my fingers for a sooner date. 🙂

  8. I am going shoe shopping tomorrow and the Kinvara is on my list to try on 🙂
    Ahhh my Friday was extra awesome because I got to leave work early… but then I sat in the waiting room for 2 hours at the Dr.
    That spice rub looks fantastic. Sounds good too! All my faves

    • carriestevens

      I’m such a fan of the Kinvaras. Can’t wait to take them for a test run–in 3-4 weeks due to shipping. 🙁

  9. The shoes are awesome! Good job on snagging a pair in your size. I am sure you can’t wait for them to get in. Please let me know how they are after your test run!

    • carriestevens

      I should have them in 3-4 weeks and will definitely keep you posted. Can’t wait to run in them!

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