Daily Archives: August 4, 2013

Write It Down, Do It Up – Week of August 4

Hi, everyone—happy Sunday!  Did you have a good weekend?  After work on Friday night, I transformed into a real girl and attended not one, but two birthday parties.  I know; I couldn’t believe it either.  And by some glorious stroke of luck (er, coffee), I managed to stay up past my normal bedtime—huge success!  Needless to say, Saturday seemed like it would never end, so I plan to keep things low-key today.

So … guess what:  The time has come!


Yep, in less than one week, I’ll be competing in a certain August race that I’ve alluded to for a while—the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships.


There’s no question this will be the most competitive race of my triathlon career, and surprisingly, I feel calm.  For one, unlike every other tri I’ve done this year, there are basically zero expectations.  Don’t get me wrong; I want to have the best race possible, but there are no podium goals.  This will be a very humbling event, and even though I want to rise to the occasion and perform well, this trip will be all about savoring the experience.  Plus, after seeing how relaxed, loose, and strong my Ironman Lake Placid teammate looked in the days leading up to the race, I want to replicate his outlook.  He was calm and performed, whereas for New York City, I was wound up and crashed.

Here’s a rough workout schedule for this week.  Let’s Write It Down, Do It Up!

(If you’re new to WIDDIU, here’s how it works:  Every Sunday, I post my workout schedule for the week, and I invite you to do the same.  This way, we can motivate each other and hold ourselves accountable.  Sounds like a win-win, right?)

Monday – a.m. run with Full Throttle Endurance (FTE); a.m. swim

Tuesday – a.m. indoor cycle

Wednesday – a.m. brick workout with FTE—indoor cycle and run off the bike (if my coach doesn’t veto my brick)

Thursday – off/travel to Milwaukee

Friday – easy swim, easy bike, maybe an easy run (at my coach’s discretion)

Saturday – USAT Age Group National Championships

Sunday – off/travel back to NYC

During the week leading up to a race or big event, are you calm, cool, and collected, or bouncing off the wall?