Not Swimming and Celebrating National Hug a Runner Day

Is it Friday yet?  It’s been a long week so far over here.  I guess that’s to be expected after a mini-vacation, right?


Oh, Sanibel—take me back.

Since I have the day off from work, my morning was slow going, but I did eventually motivate myself to hit the weights and do some strength training.  Although today’s workout should’ve included swimming too.  Which brings me to part one of this post.

During this off-season, I’ve gone through several phases.  First, I ran all the miles and avoided the saddle.  Then I sprinkled in swimming and made strength training a priority—and continued to ignore my bike.  However, since putting on my trainer tire, I’ve actually been enjoying myself.  And by “enjoy,” I mean warming up and making it hurt for as long as I can while watching this year’s Ironman World Championship over and over and over again.

Can I be Rinny when I grow up?

But now that I’ve been hitting the pavement and logging time on the trainer, I’ve been neglecting the pool.  This week especially, the excuses have piled up:  the mornings are cold and dark; it takes about 20 minutes to walk there; I’d rather run or hop on the trainer.

Wait, did I just say that?  Who am I?

And when I do get in the water, the swims have been short and relatively unstructured; most last 40-50 minutes and include tech work and some 100s and 200s to keep things interesting.  This is probably why people sign up for master’s swim classes, right?

Anyway, I should be swimming more, but there will be plenty of time for that when I’m home for Thanksgiving next week.  Especially since I won’t have access to my bike.  And I’ll be able to drive to the pool, so that’s a plus—ha!

On the non-triathlon front, work is going well.  I don’t talk about it a lot here—there’s only so much running stuff you can handle, right?—but we’ve been busy post-New York City Marathon.  We’re currently gearing up for our annual January/New Year’s campaign (woohoo for event planning!), and yesterday, we celebrated National Hug a Runner Day in the best way possible—by bringing out the bunny suit!


We have four stores in the city, so the rabbit started at Union Square before making the rounds to Brooklyn, Upper East, and Upper West.  It was funny to watch runners’ reactions, and one person even tipped the rabbit!

Now it’s time for me to be a real person and get ready for tonight’s team social.  Fingers crossed I can stay awake!

9 responses to “Not Swimming and Celebrating National Hug a Runner Day

  1. I wanna wear the bunny suit!

  2. I’m glad someone else has thought this week has been going by so slow. It honestly feels neverending.

    • And my comment posted before I was ready. HA.

      I think we all go through cycles after training. For me, I have just wanted to mellow out and not run. It feels great to relax and be away from it. I’m glad you are enjoying yourself though!

      • OMG, I’m so glad it’s finally Friday. Maybe it’s also because the week before holidays always seems to drag by? And you had such a strong training cycle and killer race, so relaxing for a bit makes perfect sense.

  3. I have a hard time balancing all 3 sports, unless it’s the summertime. I usually end up avoiding swimming even though I really love it.

    • That makes sense. Personally, when I have structured, organized workouts with the team, it’s a lot easier to love doing each sport and to make sure I’m allocating my time across the disciplines appropriately. That’s what I’m trying to do now, but something usually ends up getting the short end of the stick.

  4. man I want a runner rabbit to hug me! I still give you credit for trying them all, I am such a runner and suck at doing anything else besides that. besides the body pump classes.

    • I got so many hugs on Wednesday! 😉 For a lot of triathletes (at least the ones on my team), they usually revert to their favorite sport during the off-season. It’s been really nice to run more!

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