Foodie Friday – Broadway Bites

TGIF, friends!  Did this week drag by for you too?  For whatever reason, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday seemed never-ending, so it was especially nice to grab dinner with Gabby at Broadway Bites this week.



Similar to Madison Square Eats, Broadway Bites showcases 25 New York City food vendors.  Some of the market’s offerings changed when it moved from the Flatiron area to midtown Manhattan, and the biggest difference was the atmosphere.  Whereas the Madison Square Eats edition was packed into the park, Broadway Bites was spread out, spanning two city blocks.  There’s more room to walk around, so it doesn’t feel as congested, but it’s just as crowded.

Anyway, we kicked off the evening with spiked apple cider from Sigmund’s Pretzels and then began our main mission: eat as much food as possible before the market closed at 9 p.m.  Challenge accepted!  Seoul Lee Korean Barbecue was our next stop.


This sesame chicken taco was savory and packed a delayed kick of spice–delicious!

Since we had a deadline looming, Gabby and I briefly split up to cover our bases: truffle fries and gourmet grilled cheese followed, plus spicy chickpea and sweet potato stew from Two Tablespoons.  It was a windy and cold night, so the cider, stew, and Mexican drinking chocolate proved to be excellent choices.  Oh, and dessert happened too.


I joked that my Italian grandma probably wouldn’t like me buying cannolis from an inauthentic-sounding vendor (“Stuffed Artisan Cannolis”), but my cookie dough one still tasted pretty good.

Wait, Gabby—we took pictures of our food, but didn’t get one together?  Unacceptable!

Rumor has it the market will move north to Columbus Circle area next month.

Enjoy the weekend, friends!

How often do you eat out?

11 responses to “Foodie Friday – Broadway Bites

  1. That sounds like so much fun! One of the things I want to do next week is eat at an outside vendor!

  2. I can’t believe this but I have never had a cannoli… those look delicious though!

    • WHAT?! That’s it–you’re coming to see my family for Thanksgiving, and we’ll introduce you to the deliciousness of the cannoli. 😉

  3. I “eat out” in my firm’s cafeteria for lunch every day, probably have take out 2-3 times a week, and actually “eat out” once a week at most.

    • I feel like I don’t “eat out” and go to restaurants all the often, but I do fall victim to getting take-away salads, sushi, etc. when I go grocery shopping. If I had a cafeteria at work that offered fish and salad like yours, then I’d hit it up all the time. 😉

  4. Wow that looks really good. I hate to admit how much I eat out. I think half of my budget goes towards there honestly. Oh Columbus circle…that will forever be ingrained in my head as where I sat for about 2 hours post marathon on the floor LOL.

    • Oh, the majority of my money goes toward food too. It would probably be easier if my check went directly to Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods, lol.

  5. so jealous. nyc is perfect for things like this

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