Real Talk: Part II

Merry belated Christmas, friends!


For those who celebrated, I hope you spent plenty of time with loved ones.  My family hosted Christmas Eve dinner; we had 11 people over for our signature surf ‘n’ turf meal of steaks and lobster tails.  And On Christmas Day, we went to my aunt and uncle’s house for our annual Yankee Auction and hung out for a few hours.

As usual, my time at home seemed too short, and I’m currently en route back to New York City.


I’ll miss drinking coffee by the Christmas tree every morning.

Anyway, since I have a few hours to kill on the train, I figured it’s time for another random, real talk post—because honesty is always the best policy.

Our store’s holiday party, specifically the flip cup tournament, served as a turning point for my relationship with a few coworkers.  Let’s just say most people now understand how I received my “party warlord” nickname.

Speaking of work, store traffic lagged last weekend, so we capitalized on the downtime and did some community outreach.


Hey, if another retail store hosts a grand opening, it can’t expect us not to crash it.

Is it a deal breaker if a guy has a tattoo that’s grammatically incorrect?

My normal, 23-year-old life officially ends on January 6 when triathlon training begins.  I’ve really enjoyed being a “real person” these past few months, but I’m also ready to start seriously swimming, biking, and running again.  Let the countdown to South Beach begin!

In related news, I will train with the five-day-a-week program this upcoming season.  The three-day-a-week group served as a great introduction to structured workouts, but to continue improving, I need to swim, bike, and run as much as possible—and with people who are better, more experienced athletes.  During the last month of this season, I basically transitioned to the five-day-a-week cohort, so I know what I’m in for, but the first few weeks of practice will be brutal. (I also agreed to do social media work for the team in exchange for training.)

My latest Netflix binge?  Parks and Recreation.


Why did it take me so long to watch this show?!

My Slice and I are currently facing a dilemma.  We have yet to take the maiden outdoor voyage, and I want to see how it rides—and practice being in aero and not falling.  At the same time, I also need to get comfortable in this position in terms of breathing, shifting, etc.  Honestly, my best bet would probably be to switch my trainer tire from my road bike to my tri bike, but that would eliminate the option of outdoor riding for the foreseeable future.  Triathletes and cyclists, what would you do?

Talk to you from NYC!

13 responses to “Real Talk: Part II

  1. ahh man love reading this. I am so ready for training to begin. I have big plans for 2014 in the running department and that means January 1st is a welcomed year. Have a safe trip back to NYC!!!

  2. You should def put the training tire on and get going with the adjustment to the new aero position. And there is no reason to let that nix her maiden voyage on the mean streets. Just switch it out when a “nice” day comes along this winter. Just think of it as practice for changing flats.

  3. I’d say stick with the trainer for now, you’ll get used to being in aero pretty quickly! It isn’t too much different and after a few weeks I felt comfortable with it.

    Enjoy the rest of your off season!

    • That’s good to hear–I’ve had a reoccurring nightmare where I’m riding on my tri bike and wipe out because I can’t steer, lol. Hopefully it’s like learning to flip turn in the sense that it feels awkward at first, but after practicing, you can’t imagine not doing it.

  4. I’m ready to start an exciting season too. This down time has been nice but a new season is well welcomed. I can certainly relate about how fast this year went! GEEZ.

  5. If you need ANOTHER Netflix binge…Scandal. It’s nuts. If people wonder why I’m not running, it’s because I’m too busy watching Scandal…

    • Done and done–adding it to my list! I watched two episodes of Louie last night. Not sure if it takes a while to get into it, but I’m not quite in love with it yet.

  6. Seriously, all I can think is yes that is a deal breaker! How excited are you that Downton starts soon?!?!

  7. Merry (belated) Christmas! Catching up on blogs a bit late 🙂 100% a deal breaker if a guy’s tattoo is grammatically incorrect. Just unacceptable!

  8. This post was quite inspiring and it makes me really want to stick to a half marathon training plan this year. I’m considering a full in October but we’ll see how the early training goes and work from there 🙂 Good luck with all of your training in 2014!!

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