Building My 2014 Triathlon Race Calendar

Happy last day of 2013, friends!  Have fun (and be safe!) celebrating tonight.

Speaking of 2014, t-minus one week until structured training begins—yikes and woohoo!  Before Thanksgiving, my team held a meeting to identify potential races (both short- and long-course ones) and get a rough idea of which distances folks want to race.  So far, I’ve registered for only two (South Beach Triathlon in April and USAT Age Group Nationals in August), and the list below includes some contenders.

South Beach Triathlon

Date:  Sunday, April 6

Distance:  Classic (0.5-mile ocean swim, 19-mile bike, 4-mile run)


Well, duh, of course I’ll do the race again!  This was my first swim-bike-run event with Full Throttle Endurance, and I had a blast!  Also, since training begins in January, it will be nice (read: motivating) to have an early-season race on the calendar.  Like last year, I signed up for the classic distance, and I can’t wait to use my Slice on the bike course.  I’ll also be going after that run with a vengeance.

Rev3 Quassy

Date:  Sunday, June 1

Distance:  Olympic

This one’s on my radar.  Everyone seems to rave about Rev3 events, and plus, I’ve heard this is one of the toughest Olympic-distance courses in the country (as is its 70.3 race).  So why wait to pull the trigger? …

Mighty Montauk

Date:  Saturday, June 7

Distance:  Olympic (one-mile swim, 22-mile bike, 6.2-mile run)


… because Montauk was so much fun last year!  The course itself left a lot to be desired, but that’s mostly due to Hurricane Andrea rolling in and causing some damage.  Like SoBe, I want to take on this race with another year of training and see how much I can improve—especially on the bike.  Even though I’m young enough to get away with racing back-to-back weekends, I know my performance at both will be affected negatively; it’s about quality, not quantity.

Pat Griskus Triathlon Series

Date:  Saturday, June 14

Distance:  Olympic (one-mile swim, 25-mile bike, 6.2-mile run)

Here’s another new one.  I haven’t heard too much about this race, but since it takes place in Connecticut, the course probably contains a ton of hills.

Stamford KIC It Triathlon

Date:  Sunday, June 22

Distance:  Olympic


Another great race from 2013!  Even though the bike course KICked my butt, I loved the atmosphere; as a charity race, this event had more of a fun, laidback vibe, and plus, the volunteers were awesome.  Not to mention this tri constitutes a day-trip (as opposed to a weekend away) for NYCers, which is a huge plus.  Honestly, I’d do this race again simply because I can sleep in my own bed (#realtalk).

Sherman Triathlon

Date: mid-July

Distance:  Sprint

So this is an interesting one.  It’s a Full Throttle Endurance-sponsored race in Connecticut, but it didn’t occur last year.  My coach argues this is one of the hardest sprints in the country (“The run course is brutal!”), so if the race takes place, then I’m in.  Plus, I could not find another short-course event in July.

Musselman Triathlon

Date:  Sunday, July 13

No, I’m not making the jump up to the 70.3 distance yet, but a few of my coworkers are looking for a July half-Ironman.  If this works for everyone, then I’ll head back to my old college stomping grounds and play Sherpa for the weekend.

Ironman Lake Placid

Date:  Sunday, July 27


No plans to touch the 140.6 distance for another 10 years, but I will go back to Placid and Sherpa for my teammate; she’s tackling her first Ironman!

New York City Triathlon

Date:  Sunday, August 3

Even though I obtained an automatic entry after what happened, I did not register; “The Big Dance” is the following week, and my coach basically forbade me from doing both.  However, I will be there in full force to Sherpa, volunteer, and cheer for coworkers and teammates—should be a great time!

USAT Age Group Nationals – Milwaukee

Date:  Saturday, August 9

Distance:  Olympic


Hands down, this will be my “A” race for 2014.  Last year, I approached this event with a laidback attitude; I wanted to soak everything in, savor the experience, and let race-day happenings fall where they may.  The game plan will be different in 2014.  I know what to expect, I know the competition will be stiff, and I know I’ll feel like I belong.  And I cannot wait to attack the course with another year of training.  Bring it on!

Timberman 70.3

Date:  Sunday, August 17

Another half-Ironman, another opportunity to be a Sherpa.  I will eventually make the jump, promise!

ITPMAN Darien Triathlon

Date: TBA (September 14, 2013)

Distance: Sprint (0.5-mile swim, 15-mile bike, 5-mile run)


One last hoorah before calling it a season?  Sign me up!

Have you finalized your 2014 race calendar yet?  How many times do you plan to race?

14 responses to “Building My 2014 Triathlon Race Calendar

  1. Looks like a super busy race season for you. I’m looking at 3 sprint and making the jump to Olympic for my A race this season in good Ole Sylvania OH. My wonderful wife has allowed me to race on our 5th anniversary followed by a short vacation. Excited for registration to open on the races I plan to do, and see what other races get planned and scheduled in my area. Might even shoot for an end of season Rev3 sprint at Cedar Point but we shall see. Good Luck to you this season, I’ll be following along.

    • One of the benefits of focusing on short-course events is the option to race more frequently because it doesn’t take nearly as much time to recover (as compared to a half-Ironman or full 140.6). And if I planned to make the jump to 70.3, then I’d probably do three races total: SoBe, the half-Ironman, and Nationals. It’s all about determining your goals and prioritizing your races. 🙂 Last year, I did six races, and that amount seemed to work well; my body always felt fresh and ready to go on race day. I’ll probably do six again this year too.

      Can’t wait to hear how your season goes! Making the jump from sprints to Olympics isn’t too bad; just making sure you log some longer bricks during your training sessions.

      • I have a 10 year Iron distance goal, I’m giving myself until 35 to conquer that goal. I’m excited for the jump, especially after taking last season off, a lot of work to put in but excited for it.

        PS Why are you up so early on New Years day? Shouldnt you be recovery from a night out and enjoying your last days before training kicks off?

        • Cool! Doing an Ironman is on my list too–35-40 would be a solid age to tackle that distance. And yes, I cannot sleep in! It’s a blessing and a curse!

  2. LOVE how much is on your calendar. It was so cool to see you really dive into the sport of triathlon last year and I am so excited to see how you improve and grow as a triathlete this year!

  3. You certainly have a fun-filled triathlon-filled summer planned! I’ll be racing at Timberman this year and hopefully this time we can connect in person! Quassy sould be fun! I haven’t raced in yet, I’m sure someday I will. The course is brutal! I believe the Pat Griskus race course is pretty much the same as Quassy so you’ll already have experience that! 🙂

    • A handful of my teammates plan to do Timberman in 2014, so if it works, then I’ll definitely go and sherpa! I read a race recap from Pat Griskus, and the bike course sounds absolutely brutal. What is with all these hilly CT courses?!

  4. Looks like a great line up!! And umm, if you come for Musselman please come for the Mini Mussel on Saturday too because Mike and I are racing that and then going to the Boilermaker the day after! I would love to meet you!

    • Wait, you’re doing the Boilermaker?! My dad wants me to do it with him this year! I don’t think it would work because my coworkers would be coming Upstate with me, but I’m crossing my fingers Musselman works!

  5. Happy New Year! It looks like the calendar is pretty full, and I’m excited to see just how much you kill it this year. You’re going to do great!

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